I've been getting some great comments and questions that have just put me on cloud nine lately! I wanted to share them with you all, just to show how much I love my readers! (The Q&A's are just in case they could help any of you, too.)


I am getting ready in a couple of days to give a baby shower of over a 100 people ( more grey hair) and your ideas are saving me tons of hair dye and added wrinkles!! lol I cannot thank you enough for this blog.. it is my godsend! Annie 

I just got your e-mail this morning about the trends of saving! It's always a great reminder of all the ways to save, but I had another one for you if you haven't had a chance to check it out. I live on a military base, and there aren't many yard sales around me, so I had to get creative with how I got great clothes for my kids. Have you tried thredup.com? I can get a box of 10-20 items for $20, and thredup.com has a great quality agreement. All clothes can't be stained, dingy, or worn in any way unless it is stated in the description when you purchase it. Just thought it was something you may want to check out! 


Hi! I am  new to your blog and just love it!!
I know you probably have this somewhere on your blog but I couldn’t find it, I just wanted to mention that Hobby Lobby and Michaels (both craft stores) have a buy one item for 40% off coupon each week. And they both will take the coupon off your mobile phone.
If I have a project I need to do I will go every day if I have to so I can use my coupon. J


Comments on my “How I do my makeup” post:

Jordan, I am a cosmetologist and I love deals! I think it is great to find ways to save $ and still look good and the best part is to pass it on to my clients! Thanks so much for the make up tips as make up is not my thing! I will be sharing your ideas/blog with them!

I love love LOVE Everyday Minerals cosmetics. They have powder foundations, concealers, blushes, shadows, etc. Tons of gorgeous colors, natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free, and inexpensive too! They also have free samples so you can find your shade. I have many of their products and I love them.

One way I save money on make-up is to use an eyeliner brush dipped in water and run it across a dark eyeshadow to make eyeliner. Normally I then use the same color (or similar) eyeshadow in my crease and corner. I find this saves time and helps use those sometimes awkward colors you get in multipacks. Love your site!


Instead of using a blow dryer to warm up your eyelash curler I run mine under hot water. It works really well for me anyways! 

Thank you for your tutorial! The tips for the eyes were especially great. I don't usually use much eye makeup since I've never really figured out how to do it. My husband came home from work the other day, stopped dead in his tracks and said, “You're wearing makeup. It's beautiful.” Then he continued to compliment my eyes for the rest of the evening. I don't have big eyes either; I have very heavy eyelids, but following your advice really made them seem to open up. I was able to tweak my routine using my existing make up, I didn't even have to buy anything extra to make it work…although I know what I will look for the next time I need to buy. 

Thanks again…and I found you on Pinterest!



Q: I would like to subscribe to your blog but I cannot figure out how.

A: To subscribe to my blog you simply click on the envelope icon under my photo on the right side of my blog. This is also how you can follow me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Q: Where did you get the boots you had on Studio 5? So cute! Loved your ideas and your website. Darling!!

A: Hey Rachel!
Thanks so much for the email and the compliments…it's nice to know I had at least a little audience! Haha 🙂
Ok…so funny story about those boots. I bought them in Chicago when I went to Oprah last year, at Charlotte Russe. It's a long story but we flew standby and couldn't get a flight home…but they sent our luggage home on the first flight out! It took me another 4 days to get home and the only clothes I had were the clothes on my back, aka those boots. I must've walked the entire city of Chicago 4 times over in those boots, so we have a lot of history 🙂
Glad you liked them, sorry you probably won't find them there any more though!
Thanks again for reading (and watching),

I love all you readers so much, keep the comments and emails coming! As you can imagine, it's next to impossible to respond to all of them, but know that I love you and appreciate them ALL.
Happy Friday to all my friends!