I have a problem.
My dishes like to reproduce. Quickly. And they seem to get grosser each time.
Ok, maybe it's because I'm a messy chef, and I have lots of little kids that use a million dishes per day. But still…

Needless to say, I've gotten pretty good at cutting dish-washing time down…so I decided to share my best dish-washing tip! (Note: I'm not sure if this tip is going to be actually helpful to any of you, so I apologize if it's not. But since it has really made dish-washing more efficient and easy for me, I thought I'd share just in case.)

Check out this quick video showing my dish washing tip in all it's glory:
(Click HERE to watch online or simply watch below)

See! Easy, right?
To summarize…make sure you never see the bottom of your sink until the dishes are done. Keep your nastiest dishes in the bottom of the sink, and by the time you're done washing and rinsing the cleaner ones…your gross dishes have basically cleaned themselves! Try it, I promise you'll love me for this one (as random as it is).

And remember…
Every dollar counts. Cut your water bill, cut waste where all possible, and saving time really does save you money! The faster you can be done with dishes the more time you have to do better things. Efficiency and organization are 75% of the issue with finances, in my book anyway.

Thanks for watching my (random) tip…happy Friday!