Everyday Makeup Tutorial – QUICK version!

Quick and simple everyday makeup tutorial

I get asked a lot about my makeup. Over the years I have mastered an easy everyday look, and thought I'd share it in this quick makeup tutorial. Yes, this video is SUUPPPEERR late. I meant to post it just a few days after I posted my thorough “Everyday Makeup Tutorial” video, giving you the option to watch the long, detailed video, or the quick run-through video. But you know, life happens. So for those wondering how I do a full face of makeup so quickly every day, here's a quick video that summarizes the process:

Watch below or click HERE to watch online:

The products I used:


(worth the investment on these!)

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Drugstore products:

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Quick and simple everyday makeup tutorial

Hope you all have a fabulous week!!




  1. AvatarMichelle says

    Wow eye primer is the best tip!! I’ve never used it and I have big “wow your eyes are big!”/”oh really I didn’t notice” eyes like you too 🙂 so eyeshadow all ends up in the crease. I can’t afford the good stuff right now, but I tried ELF $1 primer and it is still AMAZING to me who’s never used anything like it before. Thank you!!! 🙂

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