Q&A: How do you budget for paying off debt?


budget for debt
Freebs! Guess where I am right now? That's right, DISNEYLAND. It's our first time going as a family, and BOY, do I have lots of money-saving tips for you! Be sure to keep tabs on me on Instagram, I'll be sharing tips throughout the week.

To keep you all from missing me desperately, I spent (way too much time) chopping up my latest Live Q&A into individual videos for you, so you don't have to watch the entire hour-long Q&A session to get the goods! (Though, you see lots of random side tangents and randomness in the full session if you're into that kind of thing.)

Here is one cut-down video for you! The question was:

How do you budget for paying of debt?

I quickly explain the way to set up your budget to help you get debt paid off fast.

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  1. Avatarana says

    I need help! I am saving up to purchase Budget Bootcamp but i need to start my debt free journey asap!! How do i go about paying bills that are currently in collections? I have 3. two are small-ish (300) and one is a bit bigger (1300). But i dont know how to pay them. What advise can you give me? besides those, i have about 3000 in credit card debt. Those accounts are current. Maxed out, but current. Please help!!

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