daily routine

Freebs, I'm home! I had a blast at Disneyland with the fam, can't wait to tell you all about it.  I'm sure you're sick of these Q&A posts but since I went through all the work to chop the hour-long Q&A session up for you, figured I might as well post the remainder of the ones I did 🙂 I'm super behind on life in general but especially blog stuff (the curse of a week-long vacation!) so here are a few more reader Q&A videos to tide you over until I can get my Disneyland trip posted! Enjoy learning about: How we do weekly date nights, walking through my daily routine, how much I recommend spending on wedding gifts, where I shop and how I budget for clothes, how I entertain toddlers (or try to, anyway), and where I buy maternity clothes. Thanks for the great questions, can't wait to do more live Q&A's with you soon!

How do you do a weekly date night?

What is your daily routine?

How much should you spend on wedding gifts?

How do you budget for clothes? Where do you shop?

How do you entertain toddlers?

Where do you buy maternity clothes?

There you have it!