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 Happy Friday!
Today I'm a review of our friends over at
(Please note that while these reviews are sponsored, they are 110% my own opinion. I reserve the right to disclose my full experience – the good, the bad, the ugly.)

Remember THIS recent post I did with my complete tutorial on how I do my makeup?
(Click HERE to watch the video on Youtube, or watch it below if you missed it)

In the post I mentioned Overstock Drugstore (ODS) and how it looked like a nice, convenient way to buy products you use all the time. Well, ODS suggested I put my money where my mouth is to give them a real shot to see just how great they are…so I did 🙂

I, personally almost NEVER shop online because
A) I don't want to pay for shipping, and
B) returns are a pain.

ODS says they have mastered the online shopping and have made it the easiest and more economic route…so I agreed to give them a try.

Here's my experience with shopping on

I went online and chose a few of my favorite beauty products that I was running out of. It was perfect timing because I was BONE DRY out of some of my products and was starting to get desperate. I literally had been trying to get to Walmart for a week (where I normally buy my stuff) but with 2 kids under 2 a “simple” trip like that is next to impossible.

It was SO EASY doing it online. Here's a little about the company. Click HERE to read more:

I was really impressed with their selection (they had pretty much anything I searched for, except for N.Y.C products). I was also impressed with how clean and organized their site was; it's really user-friendly (which is great for us tech-challenged).

I ordered my items, it only took me about 5 minutes to find and buy everything I needed. I didn't think about it again, and then a few days later I got this baby in the mail:

It seriously felt like Christmas. (By the way, I think my package came in 2 days. It was lightening fast!) 
I opened it up and checked out my goods:

Here's what I got (click HERE to see why these are some of my favorite products):

straight brush (not curved), blackest black, thin brush (not the super bushy thick one)

Binky spritz cleaning spray
I also got a stick of chapstick that I didn't order, so I don't know if they give those out complimentary or if it was a mistake, but either way it was a really nice perk! 
They also included a coupon code for 5% off my next order. 
Guess what? 
Use PAGE5 to get 5% off YOUR entire order for the next 60 days!
Aren't they awesome?
It was so nice to get the products in the mail. I not only didn't have to go to the store, but I didn't have to worry about driving all the way to a store and them not having what I need in-stock (which happens all the time for me at Walmart anyway. Lots of us pasty white people in Utah, we all use the same colors and they are ALWAYS out!) 
Here were my only negatives…


 I absolutely HATE paying shipping for things, that's why I rarely end up actually buying things online. I ended up paying their flat rate of $5.95. I only ordered 4 items and it didn't have to ship far, so I thought that was a bit pricey.
However, it's a flat $5.95 no matter how many things you order (as long as it's under 7.5lb), no matter where in the US it's shipping from – so if you get a bunch of things at one time it's actually a pretty good deal for shipping.

They also offer free shipping for orders over $50, 

and run promos from time to time for discounted shipping…
…so be sure to sign up for their email list at the bottom of their site.

My only other negative was:

  • Can't return opened merchandise (as per their policy that I read before ordering)
I've tried returning opened makeup to Walmart before. They've let me before, and other times they haven't…I think it just depends on who's working customer service that day and how much of the product they think you've used.

For me, I knew the exact colors I needed of the products I was buying, but I thought this wouldn't be the best option for people trying out makeup for the first time and might not know what shade to get.

I emailed Lisa, one of the owners of ODS and told her of my concerns and asked her to simply educate me on why they charged a flat shipping rate (I wasn't sure it was the best deal for my particular order) and why I couldn't return opened merchandise (what if I was unhappy with the product?). Here's what she said:

Thank you so much for your feedback.  I appreciate that you are honest with your readers and know how important that is to them.  Thank you also for letting me have a chance to explain some things.
As far as the shipping is concerned, we actually lose money on shipping.  We do run special deals on shipping, like today is $2.90.  Our prices are actually lower than many of our competitors (, walgreens and walmart).  When we combine that with our shipping costs (and then free shipping over $50.00) we still continue to be lower than all of them.  Our competitors also charge shipping, often times, it ends up being more because of weight based shipping.  No one likes to pay shipping, including us.  Unfortunately USPS and UPS can charge what they want and we have to decide whether or not we will forward those charges on to the customer.  We have studied this area quite extensively and even though no one wants to have to pay shipping, we have found that this is the most economical and fair pricing for our customers all around.  For the local people, we are going to implement a will-call situation that they could stop by and pick up their order.  Still working out the kinks but will be doing that when we move to our new place. 
As far as returns are concerned, we are not a large enough company to allow opened items to be returned.  However, we feel that our return policy is very accommodating when it comes to returns.  We take back most everything and often times, will have the customer keep whatever product they are concerned about and either refund them their money if there is an issue with the product or send them a new one free of charge.  Most online companies however, won’t allow opened items to be returned. 

After reading her comments I was floored. I was beyond impressed, actually. I used to be dead-set against ordering things online, simply because I felt like I was paying more. But I did my research and have found that

  1. Really does have the best prices
  2. Does, in fact, have the fairest shipping prices
  3. Has some of the best customer service I've ever dealt with in an online company.
All-in-all, I think this site is a great way to buy products that you already know and trust. The convenience is amazing, and their prices are competitive, so it's a win-win. I can honestly say that I will be using them again.

This site has officially earned my stamp of approval. 

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This post was sponsored by They provided me with money for a majority of the products that were purchased, however, the opinions and approval are 100% my own opinions and discretion.


  1. I love the makeup tutorial. My favorite tips were the eyelash curling and the pink blush…who knew?

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