Happy Friday!!
Today's Friend Feature is a fun one. If you haven't noticed…
I love bullet points.
I love check boxes. 
I love crossing things out.
And while I rarely get to everything on my list…I still love them! I have a bajilliion lists in my cell phone, in a notebook in my purse, on my computer, everywhere.
It's nuts.
I was introduced recently to Listplanit.com. Jennifer, the creator, is officially the QUEEN of lists.
Not even kidding. 
We might even be sisters…?
Her site is pretty cool. She challenged me to check it out. Here's my experience:
She signed me up for a “Download” membership. 
She has a few different options. The “Download” option basically means I can physically type things into the list on my computer rather than just printing out the blank list and writing it in by hand.
I was impressed with the look of the site. It's bright and airy, made me feel calmer already 🙂 haha. It got so excited to try it out!
I wasn't quite sure where to start, so I clicked on the lists tab at the top of the site. BOY OH BOY are there so many fun options to choose from! Here are the list categories:

I went to holidays & occasions, then got excited to see TONS of birthday lists. There were 14 different lists related to birthdays, actually. So cool! Basically she thought through any list you might need and pre-created it for you so you can print it out and simply fill it in rather than creating the list for you. 
(As you see under “March” in the list above, I was able to click on a cell and type in birthdays with my download membership.)
Seriously, every list you could ever imagine is on this site. It's an organizer's dream. It's just so nice to have everything there for you so you can micro-manage your life.
Look at some of the creative options under “Home Management”:
I know, right?! I would've never thought up half that stuff…
On some of the lists she has even filled in some of the ideas for you such as this one.
…so it gives you a good starting-point. 
These lists aren't digital, they are PDF format, so they are perfect for those who love to have a physical paper list with them. They are great to print out and put up on your fridge or wall.
Spring is here, time to get organized! This site can certainly help. Click HERE to check out ListPlanIt and give it a whirl.