Fun Cheap or Free Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping last night for the first time in a while, so I really needed to stock up on stuff. Here are some great things I took advantage of by price-matching. Don't know what I mean? Check THIS out!

To reiterate my shopping process, I got all these groceries at ONE STOP (Walmart) and was able to take advantage of every store's “loss leader” items at that ONE store. As you can see, I saved a ton (about half or more on the price) on most of the products. I wish I had thought to take photos sooner so I could remember the regular pricing, sorry about that!

Here are a few of the deals I got:

  • Progresso soup: $1 ea (Albertsons), reg $1.48
  • French Bread: $0.50 ea (Buy Low), reg $1.50
  • 16 oz Sour Cream: $.79ea (Reams), reg $1.50-2+
  • Milk: $1.99/gal (Buy Low), reg $2.30+
  • Ground Chicken: $1.49/lb (Buy Low)
  • Hass Avocados: $0.25 ea (Buy Low), reg $0.74
  • Don Julio Tortillas (10 ct): $0.88 ea (Smith's), reg $2.50
  • Bananas: $0.33/lb (Buy Low or Rancho Market), reg $0.52
  • Betty Crocker cornbread & muffin Mix 6.5oz: $0.33 ea (Buy Low)
  • Celery: $0.50 ea (Buy Low)
  • Chicken Drumsticks: $0.69/lb (Rancho Markets), reg $2.60/lb+
  • Dole salad blends 9-11oz: $1.50 (Macey's), Reg $3.50+
  • Red Grapes: $0.99/lb (Rancho Markets)
  • Yellow Onions: 6lb for $1 ($0.16/lb!), reg. $0.68/lb, from Buy Low
  • Nalley canned chili 15oz: $0.89 (Ridley's)
  • Taco Bell refried beans 16oz: $0.69 (Maceys)
  • Green onions: 5 for $1 at Buy Low
  • Cucumbers: $0.20 ea, reg $0.48ea
And of course, I had to hit up the clearance holiday stuff. I got some great Christmas decor on clearance, and picked up a bunch of these babies:

The huge box was only $1.50, the smaller boxes only $0.75, and the bag of sports chocolates (positive reinforcements treats for my sports-obsessed toddler…) only $0.25!
We are giving the chocolates away as gifts. $0.75? Um, yes please. We are going back for more.

So based on the deals I got this week my meal plans include:

  • Oven Fried Chicken Drumsticks with frozen corn (from a previous price-matching trip), salad with cucumbers and carrots, and corn bread.
  • Loaded baked potatoes with chili, onion, cheese, and green onion, a salad, and strawberries/grapes.
  • Tacos with ground chicken AND ground beef (from a previous trip), sour cream, refried beans, avocado, etc. Chips and salsa on the side (my fav salsa recipe HERE)

Check your local ads or check for more great prices this week. Find too many good deals to use up in one week? Stock up on the cheap things you can freeze or store so you will have them on-hand the next time you need them.

Happy shopping!