I didn't do any heavy grocery shopping this week because we have plenty of stuff around the house. However, I ran to Wal Mart to grab some juice and milk.

While there I remembered that we were out of ground beef and checked my phone quickly to see if there were any great ground beef deals (I used dealstomeals.com for a quick reference). I found this amazing deal:

At BuyLow this week their extra lean 7% fat ground beef is only $1.99/lb.
At Wal Mart the same meat is  $4.98/lb!


I bought 5 pounds and this week I will now make meals with ground beef (Taco soup, lasagna, etc.). The rest of the meat I don't use I will cook up (no seasonings added) and will freeze in 1 lb portions in ziplock baggies for quick future meals.

As for the juice, I got this good deal:

At BuyLow also (I believe…?) their Western Family 96oz apple juice is just $1.49.
At Wal Mart theirs was $2.48. 

Wal Mart doesn't have WF so I grabbed their GV and the checker didn't care.
For my step-by-step “how to” guide to price-matching/deal-shopping grocery methods, see the tab at the top of my site or click HERE.
Remember, never pay full-price for anything…EVER!