How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

Have you been price-matching this week? (see how I grocery shop for details) If not…YOU SHOULD! I save 1/2 on my groceries each week without clipping a single coupon. Take today, for example…

After holidays the deals are typically few and far between. But seeing as how we just got back from 10 days in Oregon, my fridge is BARE and I needed at least a few staples to tide us over until the good deals come back again next week.

Well, BOY was I pleasantly surprised when I logged into Deals to Meals to check out all the deals for the week and found some KILLER prices, even though it was after a holiday! There weren't many deals (since all the stores had their best sales last week), but the few they had were pretty darn good! I'm glad I took 3-4 minutes to find them before shopping rather than paying full-price for everything.

I only spent $99.04 for 2 weeks of groceries for my family of 5  (which is under-budget) – including face wash and some full-priced items.

$34.51 ended up being full-priced items. If I hadn't bought the full-price items (I was desperate since we've been out of town) I would've only paid $64.49!

Here are some of the crazy-good deals you need to take advantage of ASAP:

Again, be sure to read “How I Grocery Shop” for a full rundown on how I shop. But to be brief, I:

  • log into Deals to Meals (only $5/month and SO WORTH IT).
  • I select every store in Utah except for the 3 that are over 30 miles away from me (my local Walmart won't let me price-match from those),
  • I check out the best deals (flagged in red) and if I need it, I add it to my shopping list.
  • I take that list and price-match all the store's deals at Walmart. So easy!

Today's list looked like this (sorry it got a bit cut off):

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

I tend to add more to my list than I end up buying. Today I only had 40 minutes and had my 2 year old and 15 month old with me so it was pretty chaotic, but I managed anyway!

Here's the stuff I ended up buying today:

Boneless pork roast: regularly $3.18, my price: $1.89

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from


I plan to make some delicious Dr Pepper Pulled Pork using the bread I bought (below). I also plan to find some new pork recipes to try, then freeze the rest for future use.

  • Bananas: $0.50/lb (reg $0.59)
  • Tomatoes on the vine: $0.98/lb, (reg over $2.50)
  • Mangoes $0.44 ea (reg $.89 ea)
  • (I actually paid full-price for the strawberries because WM's price was cheaper than the price-match price)

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

  • Cantaloupe $1.25 ea
  • Seedless watermelon: $0.20/lb
  • (I actually paid full-price for the sweet potatoes)

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

The deal I was most excited about this week? PASTA SAUCE! I've been completely out for weeks, waiting patiently for a deal to come along. And BOY did it come along!

  • Classico pasta sauce just $1 (regularly $2.19 each!)
  • Hunts sauce $0.77 each (regularly $0.89 each)

How to save 1/2 on groceries without clipping coupons from

The Hunts was a fair deal. But the Classico? MIND BLOWING! Stock up for your life! I use Hunts for baking IN things like lasagna and baked pastas. I use the Classico (it tastes better) for dishes where it's the star of the show like spaghetti and chicken parmesan.

Lastly, I got some milk for $2.39/gallon which saved me $0.50 or so.

How to save 1/2 on groceries

It may seem like a random array of food, but since I stock up when things are on sale, I have plenty of pasta, frozen/canned veggies, frozen meat, and pantry staples that will allow me to make dozens of meals out of the items I bought today.

Oh! But before I forget,

Here are the things I paid full-price for:

How to save on groceries

Can you believe these few full-priced items (including strawberries, eggs, and sweet potatoes) cost me over 1/3 of my entire grocery bill? It hurts but sometimes you've gotta do what you gotta do. At least I used the discount bread cart to help.

Again, I only had 40 minutes to get my kids loaded, shop, check out, load my car, and get to preschool to pick up my son. It took me about 3-4 minutes to read through the Deals to Meals list (I do it while brushing my teeth), and it saves me about 1/2 on my groceries! Give it a try and you'll be happy you did!

(P.S I'm sure you have lots of questions so go to THIS PAGE first, and if you have more then be sure to leave a comment or drop them in my Q&A box!)

Give it a try and have a great week!