Prepare yourself…a freeze is coming!

spending freeze

I wanted to pop in quickly to warn you of our next (potentially tough but OH SO BENEFICIAL)  January “Focused on Finances” challenge. Starting Sunday (January 5) I challenge you to a…

one-week spending freeze!

Check back on Sunday because I will post all the rules and how to make it successful for you. But just know that NO MONEY can be spent. Got gift cards? Great, use them all you want that week! But if you must pay cash for a tax or tip, you're going to have to wait one week. No spending money, no matter what!

So be sure to prepare yourself. Buy some eggs and milk, fill up your car with gas now, then put the wallet away. Oh, and I'm sure you guessed, but running out and doing a huge shopping spree to prepare yourself for a 7-day freeze is no-bueno. I'll spank you and tell you “no no!” before sending you to your room if you do that. …but it will be done out of love, of course…

Be excited, that's a lot of MOOLA that we're all going to save!

WHO's EXCITED?!?!?!?!?!?!!


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