Hey y'all! I'm running off, but I just got some fun packages in the mail today and it reminded me that I wanted to remind YOU about something…

I posted about a cool website I found in THIS post about how to shop online (the website pulls all coupon codes for the store or product you're looking for and sorts them by most valuable, and only shows you the ones that actually work). Well, I wanted you to know that I always try to practice what I preach, I just tend to forget to tell you about it. Since that post I've started always checking Chippmunk before buying anything online…and it's totally worked!

As I mentioned in THIS post, I've been wanting an expensive makeup palette for Christmas. I kept checking Sephora but wasn't finding any deals. Then I went to Chippmunk and found a code that got me 33% off AND free shipping, finally putting it within my budget. I got the palette and LOVE it. I also checked Chippmunk on Cyber Monday and found the code for the screamin' deal on E.L.F makeup I posted about HERE. (On a makeup kick, maybe??)

I wanted to just pop in and remind you to PLEASE don't pay full-price for online gifts this year. I know Amazon is convenient because it can get to you in 2 days, but it doesn't always offer the best deals. Be patient and wait until you find a great coupon before shopping online. Even if it only saves you $5, those $5 really add up and are worth the extra minute or two it might take to search for a code!

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now, you may return to your fabulous Friday plans. Happy shopping this season!


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