Hi all, I'm Melissa from Two It Yourself and I'm thrilled to be guest posting on Free Cheap or Fun today! If you follow me at all on 2IY, you may have noticed that I like to knockoff of Pottery Barn from time to time all the time. I love Pottery Barn's new Lattice Panel Wall Art , but at $399 I couldn't stomach paying that price. So I figured out a way to knockoff it off…for less than $20! Here's how you make this simple yet beautiful Pottery Barn wall art knockoff:

Pottery Barn wall art knockoff

Here's what you need:

I already had some white paint and plaster of paris to make DIY chalk paint so my supply costs were minimal.

Here's how you do it:

  • Trim up your mat using scissors. The scrolls on the mat were a little wonky in some places, so I trimmed as much of the uncut rubber as I could.
  • Next, get your paint on!  My first attempt involved a can of white spray paint.  Giant fail.  I tried three coats of white spray paint and it wasn't covering very well so I went the chalk paint route.

I highly recommend the chalk paint.  This will also make it easier if you decide you want to distress your wall art at all to let a little bit of the black through to give it an added dimension.

  • Nest, let it dry.  Wait longer than you think…then wait some more.  I got impatient at this point and that is why I now have smudged white paint on my beige wall.
  • Hang it up. I simply hammered two little nails into the wall and hung my door mat wall art up.  Not bad for less than $20, huh?

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Bio: Melissa is the co-founder and editor behind the DIY blog, Two It Yourself, and its newly launched sister site, Silhouette School, which focuses on tutorials and projects using the Silhouette die cut machines. She's a SAHM mom two two kiddos by day and a crafter/DIYer/furniture painter/thrifty decorator/party planner by naptime and she shares all of her projects on 2IY.

Thanks for sharing, Melissa!!