I must excuse myself for a few days.
Why, you might ask?
Here we are outside the title company after the closing…just to prove that we FINALLY made it happen.
What, you didn't see the celebratory fireworks go off at noon today? Haha.

We found the most amazing deal on a house and put an offer in 12 months ago. That's right kids, we've been waiting, fighting, striving, waiting, saving, and waiting for this house for an entire year.

But, as I always say, patience pays off! If you're willing to be patient, you can save boatloads of money. And trust me, we got a killer deal on this house. I can't wait to decorate and show you all the creative ways we've saved money so far even. So much to share!

But for now, please excuse me, I may not be around as much for the next short while. Tomorrow is moving day, which means today is packing day, which means the next MONTH is unpacking day. Moving is the pits, but let's be honest…it's worth it. My aunt has been great to let us bum in her basement for the last few months, but I am sure glad to get our own place again. Can't wait to make this house a home!