Pinners conference UTAH, $5 off with code FunCheapFree

Hey all! WHEEW – does anyone else have a Halloween hangover? I sure do! But I wanted to take a break from the candy coma and massive cleaning/to-do list today to remind you that I will be teaching at the Pinner's Conference in Sandy, UT this weekend! I would love to meet you all so you should come check out the conference, and attend my class/say hi if you're there!

Pinners is an expo where your favorite bloggers and Pinners gather in one place and present classes all day long that you can attend, while shopping your heart out on the expo floor. It's a fun girl's day so grab your GF's and come!

I'll be teaching Friday at 1:30pm in room #6 = “Money 101: Breaking down everyday finance in the simplest way…EVER!”

Pinners conference UTAH, $5 off with code FunCheapFree

This, and my Finance Date Night will be my last speaking engagement for a while because our baby will be here 3 weeks from tomorrow at the latest. Woo hoo! So it would be fun to get to see y'all before I hibernate for a while.

Click HERE to get your tickets and see the other amazing speakers.

And remember, get $5 off your ticket using the code FunCheapFree (no “or” in the code).

Hope to see you there!