Raise your hand if you love Pinterest! (ooh! ooh! Pick me! Pick me!!)
Right? Ob. Sess. Ed.

There's a really fun Pinterest conference here in Utah on Oct 25-26 in Sandy…where they bring your favorite pinners to YOU.

Seriously, is this not the best idea ever?
I HAD to be part of it…so I'm offering a free class! 
Yippee! Come play with me!

Click HERE to register for the conference.
(Use promo code FCF13 for 25% off registration!)

You can attend one day, or enjoy all weekend like I plan to.

Once registered,  every class is free, which is awesome. The classes are incredible. I'm actually intimidated to be in the repertoire because of all the huge names that will be there! (see the lineup HERE).

Some of my fav's?

and so many more! I'm having trouble deciding which classes I want to go to. My head hurts. Help me. Needless to say, it'll be a blast. Come have fun, be sure to stop by the best class ever…he'em…MINE (Saturday at 2pm)….he'em… and say hi to me if you see me there!