Photo Per Hour: Day In The Life Through A Photo Each Hour As A Work-At-Home Mom of 8!

May 25, 2023 | About Jordan, Inside FCF

This is a fun trend going 'round the blogosphere where I share a glimpse into my day with a photo every hour. Every day is an adventure in the Page family household, so come along for the ride! An alarm went off on my phone each hour and I *snap snap* took a #reallife photo of what was going on in the moment.

Ready to see what a random Thursday in my life looks like as a work-at-home mom of eight kiddos and two big ole' dogs?! Let's get to it!


Babies are awake, time to get up! My alarm is set at 7:25 just in case the twins don’t naturally wake me up, so I can get Hutch off to school on time.


Protein waffles and Nutella for Hutch before he heads to school. We batch-cook breakfast on Saturday for the week and let the kids heat up their own breakfast.


Bananas and Blocks! I have to remind myself to eat at least one small thing in the morning so I can take my supplements. Also taking a minute to fill out my blocks for the day so I can tackle my to-do list, without the overwhelm. Takes 5 minutes or less and makes a huge difference! (Check out my blog post explaining the LIFE CHANGING Block Schedule System here, if you are unfamiliar!)


Management call! I’m cheating because this counts as 2 different photos since I was on my call for 2 hours! I almost always do my makeup while on calls (yes, even video calls, haha) as a good way to multi-task. My team is used to it at this point, lol. Yes – my office is EXTREMELY disastrous right now. In the middle of several projects and haven’t had two seconds to stop and manage the mess. Setting that as a goal for June when my projects and deadlines slow down!


Finally off my marathon call and time for a refill! Sparing you from yet another selfie by showing you one of my favorite nooks in my house, my drink station! This is where I keep all of my drink mixes, cold cups, and even our ice machine. I love having everything all in one place, hidden behind cabinet doors.

Because I know I'll get requests, here are some details about my drink station. First off, I can't live without my Mixhers (Use code JORDAN at checkout for 10% off. My favorites are HerGreens, HerPower, and HerTime, or HerBoost if you like caffeine!) I'm also going to link my ice machine from Amazon here, it's a game changer! You can always find links to all of my home and kitchen favorites on my Amazon list here.

Also while I’m at it – lunch! I’m still on my anti-inflammatory diet, so lunch is a little boring for me. I meal prep on Sundays by cooking up a bunch of quinoa, ground turkey, chicken sausage, and shrimp or salmon, and roasting a big batch of veggies. I’ll make tacos or bowls throughout the week for quick and easy lunches.

See my Grave’s disease/healthy eating journey HERE. I will likely do a full blog post on this anti-inflammatory journey in the future because I could go on and on!


Preschool picnic with my little buddy! He loved his first year of preschool with all of his “fwiends”.


Brought Mac back home from the park and I’m headed back to my computer to work, but had to stop and say hey to this little guy…

(And by little I mean 135-pounds-of-pure-hunka-love, guy.)


Brain is exploding 🧠 😂. I’ve been cranking HARD on editing not one, but FOUR new cookbooks, coming this Fall 2023! 

So. Much. Work. 

I don’t think I’ve ever written nor edited so much in my life. But I’m so excited to show you what we’ve been working on, to help you conquer your dinner game! In the meantime, check out my sister blog! Hustling to finish another chapter before my kids get home in the 3:00 hour…

(Also, really ready to just burn down my office since I’m not sure my desk will ever be clean again after this month of insane projects 🤪.)


Kids are home! After-school snacks, schoolwork, piano practice, and playing with friends before dinner and sports. The twins are up from their naps as well, so lots of noise and kids running in and out to play. I actually love this time of day!

Bonus Picture!


Normally I’m “clocked out” of my Work Block by now. But my deadline for these books is only a few days away and I have to crank every spare minute possible to make my deadline on time! Now that my kiddos are home, I moved my computer to the kitchen so I can work, but still be with them as they make flour stress balloons (or something? 🤔), snack, chitchat about their day, and continue to run inside and outside playing. Dinner prep will start around 4:45.

I can't pick just one photo from this hour! So here come more bonus pictures, just call me an overachiever 😉

Well…the sunshine was calling. So we opened the pool and I worked poolside and played lifeguard with our nanny, Oakley. No complaints here! Couldn't help but cheat by adding some extra pictures. Can you blame me?


Let's talk about DINNERRRRR! Our freezer is going out – AGAIN – (*cue eye roll*) so I'm eating through my freezer – AGAIN. Transformed some teriyaki pork into green salsa pork in the slow cooker, then toasted up some tostada shells + cheese. Laid out an array of toppings, fried up some leftover rice with taco seasoning, and voila! Tostada bar.


Dinner Cleanup! #RaisingCapableKids


Free time then showers! Soaking up this good weather outside!


Bedtime! Mac has been BEGGING to sleep on the floor in the girls' room, so we let him a few weeks ago. He's been there ever since, and all three of them love it!

I put the twins to bed first while everyone else reads in their bed, then move my way up the line by age.

Oh, and yes, most of my kids prefer to sleep in their clothes for the next day rather than PJ's. They say it saves them a step in the morning, and I'm all about it! Haha!


Bubba and the big kids are home from a work event and gymnastics, respectively. The kiddos grab a snack while Bubba and I do a final tidy. This mama is definitely feeling ready for bed… *yawn*


Winding down the night by planning out tomorrow! It makes a HUGE difference to go over your schedule before going to bed. Get those to-do's dumped into your planner and out of your head and you'll sleep so much better!


We are WIPED, time for bed! Thanks for following along!

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  1. Nancy

    Loveeed this Blog! I really wanted such content from long time ago! It’s really good to see how a productivity ninja spends her day :p

    I was wondering what kind of work you do as a team and if you have any business tips for starters

    Thanks Jordan for your efforts! We love it !


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