If you have a baby, you've probably heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom. They are just about the most adorable…and most expensive…diaper bags around. I bought a used PPB bag for $40 when my oldest was born. It was OLD, and not in the best shape, but it was “the hottest name-brand ever” so I bought it.
Well, I'm dumb.
Since then I've seen several good deals on brand new UPDATED (and way improved) PPB bags. If I had taken my time, been patient, and saved up (remember my 3 month rule?) I probably could've snagged one of these hotties for a good deal.

I found a good deal on these diaper bags on Zulily today and thought I'd share – so you don't make the mistake I did! You can nab a cute bag like this for only $99:

If you ask me, yes, that is a lot for a diaper bag. HOWEVER…I, personally, keep buying cheap ones and have rotate through 3 or 4 with my kids depending on my needs. My friend Shannon bought a brand new PPB bag, made sure it was exactly what she wanted, and has used it 100% with all 3 of her kids. So, really, as long as it fits within your budget, go for it!

They also have other cute things like iPad and iPhone cases:

Now, in my mind, these aren't EXACTLY necessary…however, they ARE a good deal for PPB stuff, so once again, if it fits within your budget this week then go wild 🙂

I also found some other cute things. Check out these adorable shoes. You can get them in your favorite college's color for FB season!

I actually nabbed me some of those rubber rain cowboy boots in red. Why? I have no idea. they are only $16.99, I had some store credit, and I feel like they will be perfect for FB season! Plus, who doesn't need a pair of red rubber cowboy rain boots? 😀

Happy shopping!