A good friend of mine, Sharla, is awesome. She's hilarious, fun, crafty, and is a GREAT cook (check out her new blog, This is Doable). One day she was telling me about her favorite pasta salad recipe. She uses “suddenly salad” as the base, and it reminded me that I used to do the exact same thing! The boxes can be price-matched for $1 or less, so it's cheap, quick and easy to make, and adding your own fresh ingredients makes it DELISH. Hers is done with much more finesse than mine, so I asked her to share it with you all! I hope you enjoy!

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Doctored Up “Suddenly Salad”

I guess my husband loves pasta salad. Honestly, until last year, I had no idea.  One day he tells me he he's headed to a BBQ with friends and has to bring a side dish.  So I get my martyr hat on and go to the kitchen to whip something up when he says, 

“I’ve got it covered.”

Wait, what?

Now, my guy is neither lazy nor bad in the kitchen, but it’s not like him to just whip something up to share with a bunch of dudes.  However, after watching him work some magic in the kitchen, I was impressed…especially since it all started with a box of Suddenly Salad. I put a few personal touches in there as well, and honestly, it was amazing!
So, I present to all of you, the collaborative and delicious effort of Matt and Sharla.


(Click HERE for a printable version of this recipe)


1 Box Suddenly Salad Classic
⅓ cup diced red bell pepper
1 Roma tomato, diced
⅓ cup black olives, halved
⅓ cup small green olives
4 oz salami nuggets
½ cup crushed garlic croutons
¼ cup grated parmesan


  • Make the suddenly salad according to the package instructions.

  • While the pasta is cooking, dice your red pepper and tomato.  Make sure to cut all the seeds out the of the middle of the tomato (because its just a bunch of goo and doesn’t add to the flavor of the dish).

  • Halve your olives.  Cutting up these three things is the hardest part, so if you’ve made it this far, congratulations, it’s smooth sailing from here.

  • When the pasta is done, finish up the recipe on the box according to the directions (add the seasonings and everything).  

  • Toss in all of your diced ingredients. Include ⅛ of the parmesan, and a healthy handful of the salami nuggets.  

Ok, let’s pause here and talk about salami nuggets.  I had to take a pic just so you could see the bag I buy.  It’s just medallions of salami pre-cut for you.  I just really like to say “salami nugget”.  It makes me feel immature.

  • Mix all that jazz up really well.

  • Take about ½ cup of garlic croutons and stick them in a baggy and bash them with something heavy.  My kids love this part.  

  • Top the mixed salad with the bashed croutons and the remaining parmesan, and you are ready to rock!

  • When I make this salad I don’t add any additional liquid (ie: oil), but after it sits in the fridge for a day the salad can get a little dry. So give it a healthy drizzle and toss of olive oil and you’re good to go.
  • Also, this is what we like in our salad, I have made this missing any number of the ingredients above and never had a complaint, except the salami nuggets.  Please, don’t skip the salami nuggets. 😉
  • Ok, last note, if you want a bigger salad, just buy the family sized box of Suddenly Salad and double all of the ingredients above.

Click HERE for a printable version of the recipe.