Packing tips GALORE! How we…

PACKING TIPS GALORE! How to pack for vacation, especially how to pack for kids! Great tips from

In case you didn't see the hints on Instagram...we are headed to MEXICO! This is our first "big" trip as a family in a really really long time. In fact, this will be Mory's first

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My Morning Routine with 6…

HOLY EFFICIENT, BATMAN! This is a game-changer. Morning routine with 6 young kids. SO MANY good tips! Frpm

Truth: I am NOT a morning person. My kids are naturally early risers...I would love to sleep until noon and party all night. Alas, adulthood isn't exactly conducive to that

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Grandma’s Famous Banana…

Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Today I'm sharing my Grandma's famous banana bread recipe. This is really the best, easiest, and most fool-proof recipe EVER. I hate baking and even I can't mess it up. Why

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January: Focus On Finance…

This is the best FREE month long challenge to help your budget recover from the holidays and start the year off right from

Time to kick off our "Focused in '19" year-long program with...January: Focus on Finance Month! Follow along with our weekly challenges to whip your wallet into shape in no

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Focused in ’19 FREE…

A year of month long challenges, each month with a different focus to help you have the best year yet!

A (free!) year-long program with monthly themes, printable calendars, and weekly challenges to help you budget, get organized, stress less, and have the best year of your

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Family Winter Bucket List…

printable winter bucket list - only $9.99 to print at Costco! From

As we all know, Winter has officially begun! Ok, well, technically winter doesn't start until Dec 21...but with the holidays in full swing (and the snow a-falling here in Utah...)

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What we are buying for…

The best 2018 family Christmas gift guide from!

Holy smokes, we are in December! That not only means the year has officially flown by in record time, but also means we are officially in gift guide season! You Freebs have asked

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“The Bowl Game”…the best…

"The Bowl Game"...the best party game you’ve ever played! |

You know the best thing about getting together with a group of people - party games! Yep... that's right! Party games are a great way to get people feeling comfortable and having

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(FREE!) Live Coaching…

Live budget coaching webinar! Q&A is awesome!!!

(FREE!) Live Budgeting Webinar! Let us answer your personal questions about finance, debt, saving, budgeting and more. All you need is a screen! (And snacks. Always

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How to dress your bump WITHOUT…

how to dress your bump WITHOUT buying maternity clothes! SO HELPFUL and super budget-friendly! From

As most of you know, I just had baby #6! (Wow, that still feels weird to say...). Just before McEwan was born, I filmed a much-requested video showing how I have managed to dress

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Gift-Giving Hacks! How to give…

gift-giving hacks! tips for spending $0, saving money, and even getting PAID to shop for gifts! From

Contrary to popular belief, Fun Cheap or Free is not a "deal blog". You will almost never see me post a coupon, freebie, or deal/sale on here (aside from sales on my programs or

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Freebs Secret Santa Project…

At least 5 families will get their Christmases completely paid for! Nominate TODAY!

As we are getting ready for Thanksgiving in the Page household, we are thinking about all the things we are thankful for. One of them, being this wonderful community of Freebs! We

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