How To Meal Plan…

How To Meal Plan from Fun Cheap or Free

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is about groceries. How much to spend and how to make my recommended budget work for any household. (Check out this post and my

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Three Ways to Practice…

Ways To Practice Self-Care from Fun Cheap or Free

Self-care is something that is SO important for our mental and physical health. Today, Meghan is giving some tips on how to make it a priority and do it on the cheap! Hello

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How To Build Credit…

How To Build Credit from Fun Cheap or Free

Are you or someone you know just starting out and wondering how to build credit? Today, we've got some easy ways to get you started in the right direction! Credit. It's

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How To Speed Clean Your House!…

Speed Clean Your House from Fun Cheap or Free

Uh oh, you have friends coming over in 15 minutes and your house is a wreck! Use these tips to speed clean your house and make it look clean fast. If you guys know me, you

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August: Back to Productivity…

Join us for our Month Long Productivity Challenge - Fun Cheap or Free

August is Back to School time for a lot of us and the perfect time to get your head back in the game after a summer full of fun! Start thinking about getting organized,

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Healthy Snacks For Kids…

Healthy Snacks For Kids from Fun Cheap or Free

Thinking of healthy snacks for kids can be hard, and getting them to eat them can be even harder. We're excited to have Danielle sharing some great ideas to make snacking healthy

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How To Find Fun Things To Do…

How To Find Fun Things To Do Near Me from Fun Cheap or Free

Are you always searching for "fun things to do near me" on the internet? Finding fun, cheap or free things to do is our specialty and Catherine is here to help you take the

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Back To School Organization…

Back To School Organization from Fun Cheap or Free

Okay Freebs, it's time to accept the inevitable. It's almost back to school time! Can you believe it?! Our summer has been full of long days in the sun with no routine, and it's

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How To Thrift Shop Online…

How To Thrift Shop Online from Fun Cheap or Free

Sometimes you really need an item but you're not willing to pay full price for it. Today, Meghan is talking about how to thrift shop online, where you'll save both time and

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12 Apps You Can Use To Earn…

Apps To Earn Money from Fun Cheap or Free

Today we're talking about the best apps that you can use to earn money. These side jobs and gig work will allow you to have a flexible schedule for anything that you have going on

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Fun Things To Do At Home As A…

Fun Things To Do At Home from Fun Cheap or Free

Sometimes it's hard to think up fun things to do at home as a family. Today, Britney has some fun family activities that are sure to make your night in extra special! Hi

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Back to School Shopping on a…

Setting up a place for everything in your house keeps things organized - Tips from Fun Cheap or Free

When many of us think of back to school shopping, we think of finding a sale, buying as much as we can, and hoping it lasts us all year. Today, I'm going

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