Happy love-birds day!
I hope you are all having a GREAT Valentine's Day so far. 
I know this post probably would've been more helpful for you all earlier in the week, but there are a few reasons why I waited until today to post it:
1) Didn't want to spoil any surprises for my family 
(my cute hubby actually reads this blog. Isn't he great?)
2)…you should know by now that I'm a procrastinator! 90% of this stuff didn't happen until last night. Hey, I'm only human.
Regardless, maybe you can take some ideas for next year.
I mentioned in THIS recent post about how we usually budget for Vday and do gifts. 
So here is how we are celebrating this year!
Here's the Valentine we made for Hutch's preschool exchange:
I typed up a quick poem, cut out a simple construction paper heart, traced and cut out his hands, and glued it all together. Stapled some Cars fruit snacks to it and BAM. 
Done and done.
For my hubby I went a little more creative this year than usual. It's his turn for Vday this year (explained HERE) but I wanted to do something…so I got this clever idea from Studio 5
I bought a bunch of cheap gift bags from Walmart, bought a bunch of little trinket gifts and candy, printed up some little signs in Word, and voila.

  •  Each bag has a tag that says “I love you every minute of every hour of every day”, and I wrote a little note on it explaining the gift and something I love about him. 
  • I added an “open me at _____” time tag on each bag. 
  • I did the 14th minute of each hour, since it's the 14th day of Feb. Duh. 
  • I stole his phone last night and set an alarm for each hour which says “open your gift!” because I knew he'd get busy at work and forget. You iPhone people conveniently have a Bell Chime alarm sound that sounds uncannily like wedding bells. Perfection.
Here's what I put in the bags:

 I got everything from Walmart, and all of it fit within my budget. The OP t-shirts were a little over $5!

The ties were $10 each from Walmart. Not bad for ties.
 Of course I had to put some racy neglige in there to make him blush at work 🙂 heh heh heh
The last gift is the biggest one and it wouldn't all fit in a gift bag. It's just some new (cheap) sweat pants and a cool fur-lined hoodie. Real romantic, eh?
Hey, practical gifts are sexy too, ok??
So far he has really enjoyed opening all the gifts.
This year has been fun to do things for the kids because they are FINALLY getting old enough to understand/get excited about/kind of appreciate holidays. But, as usual, I kept things cheap and simple.
I bought a banner, table cloth, window decals, and cute centerpiece thing from Walmart, $1 each. Bingo.

I got these little plastic containers from Walmart for $1.50 and filled them with random trinkets that were all $1 per pack. Dinosaur erasers and sticky hearts for Hutch, heart bracelets and stickers for Priya, and they shared a pack of bouncy balls.

I figured they would be candied-out and didn't get them any…however, their Mimi came through in the clutch and sent them each cute valentine's in the mail that included candy. I added it to their little pile. I also got them each a little $3 monkey. My son is napping with his as we speak, so I think that was a hit.
Thanks, monkey, for making me awesome…
I totally get how easy it is to go nuts for your kids for holidays…it's so STINKING fun to see how excited they get over the littlest things! They loved their little Valentine bucket thingies.
(What would you call that container?? Prego brain…)
Priya had fun with the window decals and Hutch had fun throwing his sticky hearts everywhere. 
 We enjoyed some heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. 
(I melted the cheese and bread in the micro first, cut out the center with a cookie cutter, then toasted the sandwich in a skillet.)
I, of course, ate their crusts because I'm OCD and can't stand wasting things. But hey, the outside of the sandwich was just as good as the center…kinda…
Earlier this morning my hubby took us all to breakfast at our favorite joint. $5 for unlimited (super amazing) french toast. Mmmmm…
My hubby is saving his gifts for me for tonight, and we have our hot date tomorrow (which he's keeping a surprise so, sorry I can't fill you in on that one yet!). 
We are babysitting our friends' kids tonight and they are babysitting ours tomorrow so we can use all that saved babysitting money for a nice, adult, fancy-schmancy, romantic dinner.
I seriously can't wait!
(Oh, and thanks baby #3 for holding out so I can go on one last big date with my main man before you arrive and make it increasingly difficult to do anything, including shower. Love, mom.)

So that's our fun Vday so far!
How's yours?