Our growing snowman family…

Welp, I've been napping every day, my vision is blurry, my pants don't fit, I'm having crazy-weird dreams, and I've had Top Ramen for breakfast 3 times this week because it's all I can stomach. It can only mean one thing…


Pregnant with Page Baby #6! We are definitely going to need more snow soon…

SO many of you have picked up on it already, ha! Probably due to my weird eating habits, constant exhaustion, and breakouts on my face. But still, y'all are very observant!! I know you probably have many questions, so I figured I'd answer them all here for you.

First up…


Don't worry, I'm not offended by this question! And yes, you know you were thinking it too (wink wink). Yes, all of our babies have been planned. While several friends and family members of ours struggle with infertility so we are EXTREMELY sensitive to the struggles involved, we have (somehow for some reason) been blessed enough to be able to plan our babies naturally, without infertility assistance.

In terms of number of kids, we have never had “a number” in mind; we have never said “YES! 6 kids! That's our magical number!”. We started with one…waited to see how that went…then moved to two…felt it out…then three…and here we are. We try to live our life by inspiration and the guidance of God, and there was no question in our minds that there was a 6th baby waiting for us in Heaven.

Which brings me to the next question I'm usually asked…


Again, it's ok. I know you're probably thinking it too ;). Right now I can hardly eat or function properly, so it's hard to think of the NEXT child when I'm trying to keep this one (and myself!) alive currently. But let's just say, if we feel like there's another baby that needs to join our family, we would bring that baby to earth without question (God willing). If 6 feels complete, then we'd be fine with that too. Again, no solid “number” in mind, we are just taking it kid by kid! Though, we do drive a 10-passenger van now so…


Yes. Certifiably.


I haven't even had my first appointment yet (it's next week) so I'm not 100% sure yet. But according to an app I use (Pregnancy+) it says October 12 is my due date, and I'm 8/9 weeks along. So no, we don't know the gender yet. The reason our snowman is wearing a pink hat in the picture is because it's the only thing we had that was baby-ish. Definitely not the best at setting up a dramatic announcement picture…


Originally we were going to start trying for a baby in the late Spring, maybe May-ish. But a few months ago Bubba and I both felt the undeniable urge to start trying earlier. It took us a few months of failed tests, but then I found out we were pregnant while in Thailand. I brought two pregnancy tests with me – just in case – because timing would allow for me to know at some point on vacation. I actually took a test at the beginning of our trip and it came up negative. But I took another at the end of our trip, and BOOM! Positive. I needed some form of excuse for the various Thai food appetite…

Though, the lighting and glare in this picture is weird so it looks like it's a blank test. I assure you, it's positive, haha.

Expecting baby #6!


Thanks for asking! I'm tired. SO SO SO SO SO SO SO TIRED. Being pregnant in your thirties is no joke; definitely harder than in your 20's (just as everyone warned). I'm feeling nauseous 80% of the time, but not throwing up (sorry, TMI). I'm grateful to be pregnant but let's be honest, growing a person (especially a 6th person) isn't easy.


If you don't know, I have a very intense varicose vein story (see all about it HERE). Gross, right?

My varicose vein story - ALL Your questions answered! From FunCheapOrFree.com

My last pregnancy was so much better after getting my veins fixed! They still cause issues, and I'm already seeing bulging and purple veins, but the ones that have been fixed aren't bothering me any more so that is a GINORMOUS blessing. I will have to continue to get them fixed after each pregnancy, but at least they aren't debilitating any more.


Yes, at 20 weeks. I try not to do it much earlier than that because the second half of pregnancy is BRUTAL on my body. If I find out the gender before 20 weeks (we found out once at 13 weeks), it somehow makes the pregnancy seem to drag on for-e-ver. Not sure if that's actual logic or not, but I'm always so excited to find out the gender, it makes the first half go by easier. Mental game, I guess?


Yes and no. I've had a running list of baby names on my phone since before Hutch (our oldest) was born. We loved that list. It was a treasure to us because we would never erase names from it, only add to it, and it's been fun to see the progression of names over time. Sadly, the list somehow got erased from my Evernote app and despite our best efforts, wasn't able to be recovered. I was pretty devastated. Alas, we've started a new list and have written down as many as we could remember, and added some new ones.

I have about 20 girl names I LOVE, and currently zero boy names I'm excited about. So, though we are due for another boy to even the girl/boy ratio, I wouldn't be mad if it was a girl because girl names are so dang fun! And no, we don't choose the baby's name before he/she is born, and we don't announce the name even if we feel like we know what it will be. We like surprises (and I also have commitment issues, so there's that too…).


Yes! They are so excited! The boys want a boy, and the girls want a girl (of course). They are doing a surprisingly good job of grasping the fact that there's “a baby in my tummy” and that it will continue to grow bigger and bigger. They ask me “how big is your baby today?” and I'll pull up my app and show them; “it's a raspberry today!”. It's pretty cute. Mory has no clue and is in for the shock of her life, because she DEFINITELY thinks she's king of the mountain right now…#ImpendingDethroning.


If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I have some huge projects in the works!

  1. Productivity Boot Camp – As per your vehement request, this is my next online program! It's going to launch sometime this Spring, and I'm so excited! Since I'm launching in the Spring, my pregnancy won't affect anything. Except this pre-natal acne that won't seem to clear up. Let's hope I can find some high-def makeup before we start filming…
  2. FunCheapOrFree live US tour! – As I've been hinting (like in this post), Bubba and I are trying to hit the road and come visit YOU! We are planning to do some live conferences in your area, and we are acting FAST to try to squeeze them in before I get too pregnant! It's not set in stone yet but the ball is rolling swiftly, so get excited and keep your eyes on social media and this blog for announcements!
  3. Speaking Engagements – I'm still speaking at Snap Conference, Enlighten Retreat, and Start Loving You Conference. I may be giant and have dark circles under my eyes, but I'll be there! (Likely wearing sparkles of some kind.)
  4. Um…I think that's all I can talk about for now. But stay tuned and stay excited!

So there you have it!

Baby #6 due sometime in October! Call us crazy, or call us baby-making machines. Either way, you wouldn't be wrong.

Thanks in advance for the love! It means so much! Now, off to nap…


  1. AvatarCindy says

    Soooo happy for you guys. What great news. Love watching you. Your energy is contagious.. you guys are aware some and have such great advice. Congratulations

  2. Avatarourbluehouseinthevalley says

    So excited for you all!!!!!! You’re so inspiring. I hope once you’re passed your first trimester that things calm down. I know for me vitamin B helped my morning sickness a lot! Love your family so much! I really enjoy following along and learning from you.

  3. AvatarAshBre says

    Wow, congrats! You seem to raise your kiddos right, so I am glad God is blessing you with another baby. My husband and I have been trying for about 7 months now, so fingers crossed for us.

  4. AvatarJessi says

    This makes me so happy! And so nervous! I am currently pregnant but had a D&C in November. I am 5/6 weeks and am afraid. Also, I am 30! Yikes.. but keeping a positive mind like you and so so happy for your growing family!

  5. AvatarErica says

    Congratulations! I’ve been pregnant at the same time as you fir the last two and again this time which always seems fun. I hope the exhaustion starts to fade soon!

  6. AvatarMelissa Bennion says

    Yay! So excited for you! I hope you recover from nausea sooner rather than later. No fun. I’m always much sicker with girls and it comes back towards the end. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to you. Good luck!

  7. AvatarTracy Smith says

    Congratulations! I have just recently started following you guys on Facebook (okay I have been following you for a while, but I just started to really pay attention!). Looking forward to great things!

  8. AvatarStacey Mae says

    Congrats!! So many exciting and inspirational things going on for you and your family… and us because you are kind enough to share so much! May God continue to bless you, Jordan! #PagePosse #FreebsNation

  9. AvatarJodi Zaffiri says

    Congratulations!!!! Praying Gods blessings over you for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!! ❤️❤️????

  10. AvatarStacia says

    I am pregnant with my 3rd and I agree about pregnancy being more brutal in your thirties! (I turn 33 tomorrow). Way more nausea this time around and I am so tired! It is so worth it though!

  11. AvatarJessica Harwood says

    Whenever I find out a woman is pregnant who actually keeps up with everything in her life, not to mention goes to speaking events and plans fabulous new programs, I’m always amazed. I’m currently 23 weeks with baby #4 and I always spend at least two months during the first tri doing absolutely nothing that isn’t required to keep myself or my family alive. So basically I’m saying that I think you’re amazing and look up to you even more now than ever before. ❤️ And congratulations! That is exciting!

  12. AvatarAnnie M. says

    I’m so excited for you!! I’m also expecting. Baby #2 is due in Nov. I’m only about 4 weeks in so, like you, no Dr appointment yet. Wishing you and your family all the best!!

  13. AvatarMaria Cristina says

    I’m so happy for you! Having 6 kids these days is weirdly amazing and amazingly weird, so I wish you all the best. May God be with you and your family. Love from Italy <3

  14. AvatarBritta Anderson says

    Yay! Kiddos are such a blessing.
    I’m 14 weeks with my 3rd… and I always forget how miserable the first trimester and continued is. I look forward to seeing someone do it with more grace than I have the last 3 months. My hubby keeps asking if it’s normal that I want to sleep all the time…. and are you sure you should be eating that for breakfast? ?????
    God speed.

  15. AvatarAllison says

    Congrats!!!! I’m due with my first in August so I’ll be eagerly following along to see all your Fun, Cheap, or Free pregnancy hacks!

  16. AvatarSuzanne Rogers says

    Such lovely exciting news, congratulations to you all. Can’t wait to follow your pregnancy journey xx

  17. AvatarTiffany says

    I love this!! We went one kid at a time but knew we wanted somewhere around 4-6. We have 5 now (we think we’re done and our youngest is almost 3 and it’d be the biggest gap between kids so I don’t think we’d want too much more of a gap) and I don’t know how you do all you do! I feel like i go into hibernation after I have my babies for at least 6 months! And I’m also a really mean pregnant momma so I can’t work too closely with people lol. Congrats! I can’t wait to “go along” on this adventure with you! (We we’re also the same about not naming our babies till they were born. Our first baby was supposed to be a girl and ended up being a boy. I was ever grateful I hadn’t named my “girl” because it would’ve made it so hard!)

  18. AvatarAndrea says

    Jordan – even though we have never met I feel like we are old friends, just from catching up with you each day on Instagram stories 🙂 I am so thrilled for you and can’t wait as you take us along on this journey! Good luck!

  19. AvatarMartina Corcoran says

    Huge congratulations flying your way from Ireland. I’m delighted for you. I kinda guessed when watching your last Tuesday night Q&A because you kept pulling closed your shirt like you were subconsciously trying to cover your bump.?
    I’ve 2 little boys myself, would hand loved more but unfortunately infertility prevented that. But I’m blessed with the 2.
    Congrats again to you and Bubba. Brilliant news.

  20. AvatarKathy says

    Congratulations! I love your videos and have converted members of my family to subscribe on YouTube. My sister is getting married this weekend and I’m making her watch your 4 part marriage series and making friends series because she’s moving to a new place. I feel like we’re neighbors and I can run to you guys for advice or a pep talk or a dose of reality – I can handle 2 kids on my own because shows me how she manages her 5, soon to be 6 kids!
    Thank you for making us a part of your online family!!! I have learned so much from you both and continue to do so with every video.

  21. AvatarAngeline Roberts says

    Me, too!! I’m about a week ahead of you but this one was not planned!! We have 19, 17, 11, 6 and 3 year old boys and we were done 😉 I started charting to avoid surprise #6 and, well, surprise!! Congrats to you and your family and good luck!! P.S. I will be 45 when i deliver and I’m super tired but great otherwise!

  22. AvatarChristen says

    Awesome news! So happy for your family! ? Sending well wishes from Texas that those veins hold! ? (I’ve got ‘em bad too, so I think I can say that…)

  23. AvatarAshley Smith says

    Ahhhh! I’m so excited for you guys!!! I gave up Facebook and Instagram a couple of months ago, it was too much of a distraction, and have really missed your updates. I’m still following along here and on YouTube. Praying you have a smooth pregnancy.

  24. AvatarLori says

    Congrats! I am currently due October 14th so you’re a little ahead of me. First ultrasound is on Friday, super excited!

  25. AvatarKristen Osborne says

    I am so happy for your family. Being a parent is often times difficult, as you know, but it is always rewarding and very much fun. Your children are beautiful and each one unique. This 6th #littlepage will be as well ?

  26. AvatarHeather says

    Congratulations to you and your family! I’ve been following you for almost a year now on YouTube and love your videos! So easy to follow and so relatable!

  27. AvatarChris says

    Congrats!!!! Pretty soon you’re going to need a bigger house ? it’s been fun watching your family grow.. I’ve been following you since before Priya could clop around in Ivanka’s shoes..

  28. AvatarJoan says

    Jordan and Bubba, I am so excited for you and your ever growing family. Thanks for all you do and sharing your life with the world. Would love to see you at a conference in North Alabama ( Birmingham, Huntsville) or even Nashville. You guys would probably love Nashville. Congratulations

  29. AvatarYvonne says

    Congratulations!!! That’s so exciting! I might agree with you that you’re crazy ?? but I’m thrilled for your family! As soon someone who threw up the entire time for both my pregnancies, I’m glad to hear that you aren’t doing that. Although nausea can be just as debilitating. Get all the rest you can! You’re a power woman and will be amazing as a mom of 6!

  30. AvatarSusan Marie Savage says

    I really hope I get to see you in Reno.
    I also think you could speak here at my coalition meeting would be see kewl

  31. AvatarAmy olsen says

    Congrads!!! So excited for y’all!!! Baby #6 woohoo is going to be another blessing for your growing family! Thank you and Bubba for everything y’all do and I cant wait to see y’all in peson. ( come to georgia or Alabama I got both states covered btw!!) And congrads!

  32. AvatarLindsay Ashton says

    Congratulations! I am so stinking happy for you guys! I have 6 kiddos too. We took them one at a time as well. We thought we were done at 4 & then Heavenly Father told us their were 2 more. We are done now (mainly b/c my body is done), but know that each one was supposed to be in our family. People look at us like we are crazy (our first 4 were in 5 years & I was only 26), but I don’t care. I love the beautiful chaos that is our life!

    You guys are such amazing parents so be aware…He’s going to keep sending kids to you as long as you’re willing to take them, ? ? Why wouldn’t He? I love you guys! Hang in there, Jordan! So happy for your family!!????????????????

    ? from SLC

  33. AvatarTammy Floyd says

    I am so happy for all of you! Your family has been such a blessing to me. The freeb nation has been a wonderful help as well. Thank you Jordan and Bubby for encouragement and help. Love and prayers, Tammy Floyd

  34. AvatarSarah Hastings says

    Yay!!! Congratulations!! I just love watching you and your family! And it will be so fun to be pregnant at the same time ?? I just got a positive test last week ??? whoot whoot! ❤️

  35. AvatarMarissa Argueta says

    I’m so excited for you! I have 7 kids and we know we are not done because there is another letting us know we aren’t. I just dread the morning sickness so much. But gotta do what ya gotta do. So congratulations again. Love following you and your family.

  36. AvatarPatti says

    Love watching your video’s and when I came to your web page or site to read your story I was like WOW! I think the things that are really light on your website are hard to see . But I love to read peoples stories as to how they got where they are today . Keep the up dates comeing . Good luck with baby number 6

  37. AvatarBecky says

    I knew it!! So happy for you guys. I call twins because you’re so exhausted and nauseated. I’m a twin Mom so I do that to everyone. It’s not as tough as you’d think. Thank you for keeping us posted. Blessings for your little blessing!

  38. AvatarMary Rose says

    Congratulations! You’ve officially out- numbered me now but we are thinking of a baby #6 also.
    Hope you had a great birthday.
    Good luck with this pregnancy, I’ll be praying for you. Get lots of rest and enjoy it.

  39. AvatarSusie says

    Congratulations! I have 8 kids and get all the same questions! It sure is hard to find out I am pregnant but it’s amazing how much love comes with each baby. The last few pregnancies I made sure I ate something with protein every 3 hrs and the pregnancy was so good. Better then my 20s.

  40. AvatarKristine Kirk says

    Holy cow! Our due dates are about a week apart! I’m due October 18 with Baby #3 and we are SO thrilled to grow our little family 🙂 I’m SO nervous though because I’m leaving my job and we’ll be down to 1 income for the first time in a LONG time – I will definitely be more diligent about following your budgeting techniques. Pray for me!! I’ll certainly be praying for you!!!

  41. AvatarMegan S says

    Congratulations! Wanted to give you a tip in regards to pregnancy acne. I have had 5 pregnancies and dealt with baby acne each time. There’s an herbal supplement called Vitex, or chaste tree berry which is safe to use during pregnancy. It helps naturally to regulate your hormones which helps to reduce acne! (Also helped me tremendously with morning sickness, but because it is an herb it takes time to build up in your system ?) It is safe to take during the first trimester definitely and some even say during second trimester. They only recommend you stop it during the third trimester because it can cause your milk to come in early but it will not harm baby. You can also start it again right after giving birth to help with post- baby acne. Hope they helps!

  42. AvatarAmanda says

    Thank you soooo much for the real-ness and the honesty of your first few questions/answers! I might just have to borrow some of those responses about planned or not, done or not, as my husband and I feel VERY much the same way. Congratulations!!!!

  43. AvatarAllison Warnke says

    So excited for you! I am so glad that you posted about it on here! I gave up Social Media for Lent (mostly due to needing a break) and it has been killing me not to be able to follow you and your amazing family!

  44. AvatarTheresa says

    Awesome sauce!! You guys have the most lovely family and this baby will be very lucky to be a part of it! Congratulations!!

  45. AvatarHannah Kennedy says

    Ur baby is due on my little girls birthday. I’m so happy for u all I watch ur vlogs all the time and my little Eva who is 18months almost loves watching them with me and seeing ur kids. Congratulations and many blessings on u all xx

  46. AvatarSarah Jones says

    Kenton is a boy name I’ve always loved. It was my dad’s middle name (he passed in 2004) and it has been close to my heart since.

  47. AvatarPape says

    Hey Jordan,
    Congratulations, so happy for you and your family! I have followed your blog for a long time now and I love to see how your family keeps growing.
    xoxo, Pape

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