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Friends, the wait is over! Frugality Boot Camp this year was the best FBC yet. It was packed with amazing information, phenomenal teachers, classes to die for…and it's now available ONLINE at for everyone to access from their own homes! …and the crowd goes wild

Some of the classes you'll get as part of the Frugality Boot Camp Bundle include: “Debt 101“, to “How to talk about finances and not kill each other“, to “Teaching your kids to be financially fit“, to “Meal planning Mania“, and more (see more below).  My ultimate goal with FBC is to make it accessible and applicable to as many people as possible, and we were able to make it happen this year thanks to these videos! *high five*.

For anyone who already bought a ticket (virtual or in-person):

You have already been entered into the Atly system and can start watching your classes right away. Your login name is the email address you used to register on Eventbrite. Your password is “password” and you need to be sure to change that asap. If you bought more than one ticket under one email address, you'll need to email Atly and get a second username and password set up for that second ticket holder.

For anyone who is new:

…and would like to see FBC in action, just head on over to Atly and buy the Frugality Boot Camp bundle! Since this is a new thing for us and since you have all been so patient, we are offering it to the first 200 people for just $25, so hurry and take advantage while you can!

NOTE for everyone:

There are still some bugs that we are working through. We have almost 8 hours of footage and classes to format so you can imagine how hard Atly has been working to get everything functioning properly. Thanks in advance for being patient with us as we tweak and fix the system, and please click “report a bug” at the bottom of their website if you run into any issues instead of emailing me. As much as I love hearing from you all, it will only slow down the process for you. Reporting the bug to Atly will simply get your message to the programmers faster that way.

To check out the classes:

click here


I hope you enjoy the classes, happy watching!

Since we're in the FBC'14 zone, I might as well recap how much fun we had!

Frugality Boot Camp'14 Recap!

We had lots of fun with the FBC volunteer team getting things set up. PreparationBy the way, if you want to be on the team next year then be sure to subscribe to emails so you can get the announcement when it's time to build our team!! XOXO

We arrived to our gorgeous location, the Mountain America Credit Union campus, bright and early. I mean seriously, how amazing is this place?!

FBC photos4

I could hardly contain myself as 140 of my new BFF's arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to change their lives for the better!

FBC photos1We spent the first part of the day together learning everything you need to know about getting your finances in order, paying off debt, and basically learning how to Get Financially Fit: S.P.R.K.L (watch the video to learn the tricks!)conference lecturesTo keep the energy level at maximum capacity we had lots of giveaways, snacks, and a fabulous lunch (not pictured…DAH!).FBC photos3Some of my favorite giveaways include TWO $100 gift cards to Shabby Apple! Remember that time I found out I was going to be on TLC and ran straight to them to get a cute, flattering outfit to hide my post-baby gut and everyone died over my cute skirt? Oh yeah, that was awesome.

Another crowd-favorite giveaway were DrainWigs! No seriously, it's creepy how obsessed I am with that little thing. Remember that time that I paid like, a million dollars, to get my plumbing fixed then I learned that if you simply keep hair out of your drains then your plumbing will last you lots longer? Yeah, that sucked. And then got better.

Moving on…

After lunch we had breakout sessions where everyone got to choose their favorite classes to check out.

FBC photos6  The incredible classes were taught by:

Greg Black of TenCap Coaching (Mind over Money – Investing on Any Budget)

Brian Ford for MACU (Reaching Financial Greatness)

Marc and Ed of Life1010 (All About Insurance)

Kirk Voss of Amber Creek Counseling (How to Talk About Finances and Not Kill Each Other)

Shandra Madsen of Deals to Meals (Meal Planning Mania and Preparedness 101)

Bubba Page of Launch Leads (Man Camp and When Your Paycheck Isn't Enough)

Nick Scott, fashion expert and FBC all-star (Frugal Fashion)

….and me, of I'm awesome 😉

See the classes online:

click here

 The #1 feedback that we received was that attendees wanted the classes to be longer, and that they were just so hard to choose from! That just tells you how great our presenters were…if I do say so myself 😉

ClassesLucky for all of you, Atly sent a 9-man camera crew to capture every moment of the day so you can all enjoy it at home! (shameless plug…). camera crewAnd, let's all be honest here, what is a Fun Cheap or Free event without a whole lot of FUN??Boot camp fun

We introduced the new FCF photo booth (you better believe you'll be seeing that again), had lots of laughs together, and even had a dance party where MACU gave away FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to someone! Yes, you heard me, $500 CASH.

See? Aren't you sad you didn't come? Oh, and to rub it in more, MACU also gave every attendee $100…and everyone got cute little books that we hand-bound with our fancy new binding machine that makes us feel really cool.

Personally, my favorite part is the one-on-one Q&A session at the end of the day where attendees can ask me, Bubba, and any other presenters whatever questions they want.

FBC photos9And yes, I do it sitting down because after 9 straight hours of presenting my footsies KUH-ILL me.

So if that's not enough to convince you to come next year, I don't know what else will! I have to give a big thanks to my sponsors for making this happen, and for making it happen so affordably for you readers. I was able to give away a bunch of scholarship tickets, which makes my heart sing. There is a ton of overhead that goes into this conference, and any profits made from FBC are basically what allow this blog to function for free for the rest of the year (remember the truth about how my blog makes money?), so these sponsors should mean more to you than Diet Coke and chocolate.

Thanks to everyone who came, I had such a great time meeting you. And thanks to everyone in advance for watching the online classes. I not only believe in them whole-heartedly and truly believe they will change your life, but it supports FCF and keeps this whole she-bang ticking. Love you all!