Live Out of ONE Suitcase for Two Weeks?! How I Pack

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Okay, you guys know I'm a maximalist. So how in the dang heck am I going to pack and live out of one suitcase for two weeks? Is it even possible? It is, and I'm gonna show you how I do it.

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As you know by now, we're selling our dream home and moving! It's a crazy story but we're so excited! That said, there's a lot to unpack (and pack — haha) here, literally. Everyone in my family is getting one suitcase, and this suitcase is going to have to include everything they need to survive for two full weeks.

Traveling light isn't easy, especially if you're going to be living out of a suitcase for more than a week! What do you pack for church? For holidays? To workout? For moving? For travel?

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I'm showing you how I pack my entire life in one suitcase to live out of for two weeks! Whether you're moving or traveling, the less stuff you take, the better. Here's a list of the must-haves I bring with me!

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Well, what do you say? Are you ready? Let's pack!


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Like I said, everything I need is packed in my ONE suitcase (this suitcase from Walmart is my fave). So, as a self-proclaimed maximalist, what are my must-haves?


Especially when you're busy busy busy, taking care of yourself is so important! That's why I make sure to bring these things along with me in my one suitcase:

  • Makeup Bag – I tend to put on my makeup when I'm on the go, so I keep my makeup in a good quality bag that's ready for travel.
  • Collagen Powder, BCAA, & Caffeine – I mix these up in my cold cup every morning. These help my hair, skin, and nails. I especially love these energy drinks (Use code PAGE15 for 15% off)!
  • Vitamins – I take my Care/Of vitamins with me so I don't forget to take those every day.

Pro Tip: Check out my super-quick makeup routine! It's fast! SERIOUSLY!


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Toothbrush and toothpaste, check! So, what else do I keep with me for ultimate skincare and hair care versatility in a small amount of space? I'm so glad you asked:

  • Microfiber Makeup Remover Cloth – You know I love me some microfiber cloths. These remove makeup without harsh chemicals!
  • Dime's The Works Bundle – It's everything you need for daytime and nighttime. Dime's beauty products are super-affordable, and their ingredients are clean, vegan, cruelty-free. Use promo code JP20 for 20% off.
  • Blowdryer, Straightener, & Curling Iron – I take all three. That said, if I'm packing super light and can only pack one thing, it'd be the straightener, since my hair can air dry, and my straightener can also curl my hair.
  • Hairitage by Mindy Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner – The packaging is small and works on all of our hair — even my girls with super curly hair, the boys, everybody! You can even find Hairitage by Mindy at Walmart!
  • Dry Shampoo – Brown-tinted Batiste dry shampoo is inexpensive, smells great, and it keeps my hair looking (and smelling) fresh and clean in between showers.
  • Root Tint Spray – This magical L'Oreal root tint coverup spray matches your hair color! It's perfect when your hair is growing out and you haven't gotten in to get it done. It also helps to make hair look thicker along your hairline since it matches the color of your hair.
  • Bathpack Brushes – I never leave home without these inexpensive Bathpack brushes, especially the smaller travel version! They're my faves!

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All play and no work doesn't pay the bills, yo! Here's what I need to bring with me in my suitcase so I'm getting my work-life balance on:

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I pack clothes that are mix and match, aren't wrinkly, can be layered, and are really easy to wash. I also plan for a washer available whenever possible so I can take fewer clothing items with me. These are my gotta-have-its:

  • Jeans – I'll wear a pair of jeans and then bring two more pairs: a darker, nicer pair, and some working jeans.
  • Dressy Pants – For events, date night, or times you want more than jeans. I got my high-waist pants from Target and they're so cute!
  • Joggers – My Modest joggers are nice enough to wear out of the house like dress pants but comfy enough to wear around the house (Use code JORDAN for 10% off)!
  • Jogger Tops – I carry long-sleeve and short-sleeve Modest Shopping jogger tops that go with my joggers!
  • Versatile Tops – I have clothes I love with different necklines, lengths, a long-sleeved lightweight sweatshirt, a graphic tee, heirloom tees, and a button-up that I can tie around my waist. Most of my fave tops come from Cents of Style (Use Code JORDAN for 20% off)!
  • Sweaters – These are perfect for layering and go with anything I pack. I bring a cardigan, a sweater to wrap around my waist, and a lightweight sweater.
  • Wrinkle-Free Dress – I love a low-maintenance dress, especially when I don't have to carry my favorite travel steamer.
  • Pajamas – I prefer pajamas that can be worn as an outfit, so I use a jogger set.
  • Activewear – I pack leggings, a plain tank top, and a sports bra.

Pro Tip: I like to use inexpensive Amazon packing pods to keep my clothes organized. I keep skivvies and socks in there, but it's great for anything small you want to keep separate.


With so many planned (and unplanned) activities, how do I choose the minimum shoes I'll need? Well, shoes can be tricky, so here's how I prioritize:

  • Athletic Shoes – For exercise, moving day, wherever I need to be a ninja in motion.
  • Flip Flops/Sandals – For wearing around the house or just comfy footwear, these are a must!
  • Everyday Shoes – My neutral-colored boots go with everything from jeans to casual dress up. I especially love my glitter boots!

Pro Tip: Want to know how I usually organize my shoes? Watch my closet organization video for tips, including how I keep my boots looking gorj.

So there you have it! That's how I'm packing for myself in one suitcase bag for TWO weeks! Everything that I need to survive and more is in this bag.

But what do you think? How did I do? Even better, what do you pack in your one suitcase? Let me know in the comments below!

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Travel light and enjoy your next adventure!


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  1. Tonja Cronkhite

    Such great ideas! Where is your makeup bag from?

    • Fun Cheap or Free

      It was a gift from Sly Cosmetics!

  2. Moving Blog

    Great tips! I really loved reading this blog! Very useful and eye-opening tips. Thanks for writing this down and sharing it! I am gonna write these tips down and use them when the time comes. Thanks!

  3. sun tracllc

    Plan outfits: Coordinate your clothing choices and mix and match pieces to maximize outfit options while minimizing bulk.


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