Oh, haaaay Ivanka Trump! (…my new BFF)

So…I know I'm supposed to post my 10-Pound Challenge results/review today. BUT…
Let's just say I got a bit distracted last night.

On Instagram I posted this picture of Priya a month ago:

Sporting my gorgeous Ivanka Trump shoes that I got on clearance.

In case you don't know, Ivanka just so happens to be Donald Trump's…um…DAUGHTER. She is an incredible entrepreneur and mother, but what I love about her is how poised, classy, and eloquent she is.

Oh, and she's a complete knockout.

I posted the picture using the hashtag #IvankaTrump. Well, wouldn't you know that two days ago she happened to see my pic thanks to the hashtag…and


Reposted it on her facebook AND Instagram page!

“AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” …hyperventilate…
Hit the floor.

I, of course, did NOT play it cool, and gushed about it on Instagram and Twitter.

Are you sitting down?


I just wanted to let you all know that apparently:
1) Ivanka and I are besties.
2) Priya must be destined for stardom.
3) Apparently I do NOT know how to play it cool on social media when it comes to major celebs.

Happy Friday!


  1. AvatarAshton says

    LOL I would have flipped too… and even though you are like a celebrity to me I'm excited for you!! Too cute!!

  2. AvatarCindy says

    Okay…I have come back and read this post at least 3 times because it is so LOL funny! I even sent the link to a friend. I would totally be the same way….star struck! Awesome post!

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