Sorry for being MIA this week. But if you've been watching my updates on Instagram, my 3 kids are horribly sick and I just have to focus on mama time more than anything right know. BUT…I had to drop in quickly to bring you exciting news!

I mentioned the other day that this season of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates will start on Oct 23 (*update: they told me Oct 23 but their website says Oct 30…so I'm not sure which is correct!). Since you have all been asking…

My specific air date is Episode #4, set to air November 20*! 
*Check your local listings for the exact time. And I'm sorry to say, but any/all of this info is subject to change. I'm learning that recorded TV is pretty last-minute 😉

AAAHH!! Is anyone else FREAKING OUT right now?
I got this message on my FB wall the other day from my HS cheerleading coach:

WHAT?! Commercials!? Already!?

Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to pull off a big viewing party like I thought I would, it's just too close to Thanksgiving (boo!). But watch it if you can…just don't judge me if it's cheesy and horrible. haha. 

After the show airs I will do a live Q&A to answer ALL your questions, give you insider stories, and tell you the real deal about being on TLC!

Thanks for all your support guys, even though I'm dreading the eposide a bit (as mentioned HERE), I'm touched at how excited you all are. *best readers ever*
Love y'all!