Think positive thoughts about yourself!


Oh my word, can you believe it's the LAST WEEK of February already? I normally would be hyperventilating that time is moving so quickly, but I'm actually getting reeeeeally excited for Focus on Fitness Month so it's making it ok.

To end Focus on Relationships month with a bang, this is “Man in the Mirror”week. We have focused on building relationships with our spouses, our kids, with our friends and people we have lost touch with, and now…time to focus on the relationship we have with OURSELVES. Often times we are our own worst critics, and our insecurities, doubts, and self-deprication are what keep us from doing amazing things! Today it all ends with the Nothing Negative Challenge. Here's how it works:

Be positive


  • For 7 days no saying anything negative about yourself. AT ALL.

Draw a big X on your hand, write it on your mirror, do whatever it takes to remind yourself. This is one I need to work on. I feel that I've got a pretty good grasp on my strengths and my weaknesses, but I can be really hard on myself for my weaknesses. Rather than focus on what I'm GOOD at, I tend to feel bad about myself for what I'm not so good at. At the end of the day, focusing on my flaws is just wasted energy. If I were to turn that energy into making my strengths even stronger, I could conquer the world!

Change begins with YOU

  • If someone compliments you, you must accept the compliment.

No denying the compliment, no self-deprication, no trying to convince them why you shouldn't get the compliment, no feeling embarrassed by it. Accept it, say “thank you”, be gracious, and take it to heart and feel proud of yourself!

Even thorns have roses


  • Likewise, you may only say positive things about other people as well.

This is admittedly something I need to work on. I'm a talker. It's true. I talk about everything. But sometimes I talk about other people. I never do it trying to hurt or cut people down. Sometimes it's fact that I know for sure, sometimes it's observations, but other times it's speculation. I try not to walk around spreading rumors and running my mouth of course, but to my close friends and to Bubba, I find myself talking…and sometimes it's about people. I'm going to work extremely hard on this this week. Even if it's true, if it's about someone else it just doesn't need to be said. End of story. (Unless it's 100% positive things about them, that is!)

Think before speaking


  • Focus on giving positive reinforcements to those around you.

Words of affirmation is NOT a love language that comes easy to me. I get awkward when people compliment me, and I'm awkward about giving other people compliments. My friend Shannon is so great at complimenting people. And it's not fluff, I can tell she's being genuine. This week let's work on giving positive reinforcements and genuine compliments to those around us – especially our kids and spouse/partner.

Choose to see good


Here are some other inspirational quotes from my Pinterest inspiration board that I love:

Be kind or be quiet


You are capable of doing amazing things


Believe in yourself


So, what do you say…are you with me this week???