Focus on Fitness month - weekly challenges to help you get in shape FAST

For those of you following along with Focus on Fitness Month, you all know (and are lamenting) the challenge for this week…NO SUGAR WEEK. It's known among friends and family that I'm a sugar addict. In fact, at church my friends all fight to sit near me because they know I have several bags of candy in my purse at any one time. They talk about it like it's a joke, but in reality, I'm worried about my ability to actually go without sugar for a full week! 7 days doesn't seem like long, but when you've had sugar in one form or another every day since you were 18 (or younger I'm sure), it's definitely a hard habit to kick.

In college, my roommates and I tried to do a “no sugar week” 3 or 4 times. Each time I didn't make it past 3 days. It's time to challenge myself again and make it stick this time! This will really, truly, and honestly, be one of the hardest challenges for me all year long! But I really, truly believe that going cold-turkey for one week will help get the sweet cravings out of my system, will help reset my taste-buds and mind, and will help me get in the habit of reaching for something NON-sugary when I want a snack.

Here are some quick rules and tips for no sugar week:

  • For 7 full days, go without sugar.
  • Yes, there is sugar in everything, including milk and bread. It's virtually unavoidable. So you need to decide what “no sugar” means for you!
  • For me, “no sugar” means obvious sugar – sugary cereal, sugary drinks, candy, desserts, putting sugar in oatmeal, etc. Today, for example, I wanted a snack. I usually reach for a granola bar that has a chocolate coating on it. Instead, I opted for a Kashi granola bar that has no chocolate in it.
  • Instead of sugar, try to reach for something healthy. Much of the time we are reaching for sweets because our body is craving something, including water. Dr. Phil says a bad habit can't be truly broken until you REPLACE it with something better. (I call that “The Dr Phil Theory and I refer to it a lot. Maybe I should do a post on it sometime?…) So for me, I will try to reach for fruits, veggies, or a healthier snack (gross), or even sugar-free gum to fill the void.
  • Post about your progress! We are giving away prizes all month long to those who participate on Instagram and Twitter using the #FocusOnFitnessMonth hashtag.

I am truly motivated to completely this challenge. When I lost 10lb in one month a lot my success was due to cutting back on sugar. It was shocking to me how much sugar I eat in a day without even realizing it! I'm excited (slash terrified beyond belief) to go cold-turkey this week and reset my sweet tooth.

Who's with me?!?!?!?!?