No crickets on Instagram!

Anyone there?

Hello my lovely virtual BFF's! Jordan here…do you remember me? The one that used to post on this blog? As mentioned in my Girl Talk word-vomit post recently, I'm BEYOND slammed and BEYOND lazy this summer (read: not a good combination for regular posting).

So I just wanted to pop in quickly to let you in on a little secret. Though I'm not posting very often on the blog this summer, I'm channeling my efforts into Instagram to keep you all in the frugal loop and make sure we don't lose touch as besties! I'm dishing out frugal/budgeting/parenting/beauty tips, letting you in on steals and deals that I find, and generally over-sharing on my life. Oh, and if you want to stalk my cute family, check out my personal page HERE. What more could a girl ask for?

So again, click HERE to join the FCF-IG fam, and be sure to say hi while you're there!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am…


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