Looking to start some New Year's Eve traditions this year with your family? Whether you're foodies, board gamers, planners, or anywhere in between, Britney has got you covered! Come see what all ideas she has to bring your family together this NYE!

We've got some great New Year's Eve traditions for you and your family to try out this year! Fun ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Hey Freebs! It's Britney from Color My Happy. Today I'm chatting about New Year's Eve traditions. NYE is basically known as the party holiday. It's full of food, fun, staying up late, countdowns, goals, and that special midnight kiss!

But New Year's Eve with kids is a little bit different. For one, if you have little kids, it can be hard to find a babysitter for you to go out. And if you have older kids, they may want to spend the night with friends, causing you to spend the night worrying about what they're up to.

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Staying at home as a family on NYE is a great solution! Skip the crowds, start a yearly tradition or two, and spend some quality time together right in your own house. You won't be disappointed with these fun New Year's Eve traditions!


If focusing on activities to keep your family preoccupied and enjoying each other until the ball drops is your kinda thing, then these New Year's Eve traditions are sure to be a hit! Just focus on one or mix and match as the night goes on. You're sure to have fun!


Christmas tends to bring with it a lot of service and love, but how great would it be to extend that spirit of giving just a little bit longer? Here are some great ideas for your family's service projects:

  • Hand out blessing bags to the homeless (bags with lotion, granola bars, hand sanitizer, gum, money, etc.).
  • Volunteer at a food bank or soup kitchen.
  • Visit a nursing home.
  • Do yard work for a neighbor in need.
  • Clean up trash at a local park, beach, or neighborhood.
  • Go through your house and collect items to donate to those in need.
  • Hold a bake sale or car wash for charity.
  • Send cards or care packages to soldiers overseas.
  • Bake goodies and deliver them to police officers and firefighters.
Make service one of your family's New Year's Eve traditions this year - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

Whether you keep the same service project every year or choose a new one each time, this New Year's Eve tradition is the perfect way to end the year.


Pass the time until midnight with a fun movie marathon! Pick a theme – Disney movies, Harry Potter, Avengers, childhood faves, etc. or pick and choose some family favorites. Add popcorn and some candy and you're set for an awesome night in!


Create a photo booth at your house and snap some pictures! This creates a great yearly memory for you to look back on and watch your family grow. Hang a white sheet or tablecloth as a backdrop, use a side table and some books to prop your phone up, then use the self-timer to snap those pictures.

You can even grab props for some silly photos! Hats, feather boas, sunglasses, old Halloween costumes, whatever you like! Or download some printable photo booth props (Pinterest has lots of great ideas) and attach them to bamboo skewers.


Split into teams and play a bunch of games together. Or participate in some sort of family challenge, like a lip sync battle or cooking competition. Check out THIS POST for more family competition ideas.


Grab sleeping bags or place a mattress or two on the floor and sleep together in the family room. You're staying up late already, so why not add that extra special touch?

Family sleepovers are a fun way to start new New Year's Eve family traditions - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

A family sleepover is sure to create laughter, bonding, and possibly even some deep talks that bring you even closer. No matter how you do it, family sleepovers are bound to create memories your kids will remember for years!


It's probably a given that you'll have some sort of food on New Year's Eve. You can keep it simple if you're going all-out on other traditions. However, if you're wanting to start some New Year's Eve traditions that focus on food, you can't go wrong with these ideas!


A couple years ago for New Year's Eve, I decided to make a bunch of appetizers to graze on throughout the night instead of serving a traditional meal. It was SO much fun and quickly became one of our favorite New Year's Eve traditions!


  • Meatballs (put them in the Crock-Pot with a jar of grape jelly and a bottle of BBQ sauce)
  • Bacon-wrapped little smokies
  • Cucumber sandwiches
  • Crescent rolls wrapped around a cheese stick with pizza sauce and pepperoni
  • Fruit with dip
  • Veggies with dip
  • Mozzarella sticks
  • Twice baked potatoes
  • Spinach and artichoke dip
  • Chicken wings
  • Fruit or veggie skewers
  • Charcuterie board
  • Sliders
  • Bruschetta
  • Pretzels and cheese dip
  • Chips and guacamole or salsa


Breakfast for dinner is the best – but breakfast late at night is even better! Some of my favorite childhood memories come from late night breakfast chats with my family.

A late night waffle bar is one of the fun New Year's Eve traditions since you're staying up late anyways - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free


  • Berries
  • Banana slices
  • Chocolate chips
  • M&Ms
  • Sprinkles
  • Eggs
  • Crumbled sausage or bacon
  • Different flavors of syrup
  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Biscoff Cookie Butter
  • Whipped Cream
  • Ice Cream (seriously, if you haven't tried waffles and ice cream, do it! The syrup/ice cream combo sounds weird, but it's incredible!)


These New Year's Eve traditions are perfect for if you're wanting to think back on all of the fun times that you've had this year or you're wanting to prepare for all of the family time that you'll have next year. Give 'em a try, your whole family will love them!


This is a fun way to think about what happened during the year and to relive memories. Think of some questions that would work well for your family. Cut up some slips of paper, write a question on each, then take turns drawing them one by one and answering them out loud. Here are some prompt ideas:

  • What was your favorite trip?
  • What was your favorite family activity?
  • What's the best memory you have from this year?
  • What was your favorite movie?
  • What was your favorite song?
  • Who was your best friend?
  • What holiday was the best?
  • What goal(s) did you accomplish?
  • If you could go back and relive any day this year, which would you choose?
  • What was your favorite tv show you watched?


Take some time to sit down and plan the upcoming year. Look at vacations, extracurricular activities, traditions, birthdays, and more! Jordan has a really great post about how to do this HERE.

Make one of your New Year's Eve traditions include planning for the next year - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

You can also discuss as a family what's working in your home and things you might want to change going into the new year. Just keep this positive!


How fun would it be to make a time capsule every New Year's Eve to open the following year? Here are a few ideas to add into your time capsule:

  • Yearly interview sheet to see how you've grown or changed
  • Pictures from the year
  • Some favorites – either items or a list
  • Memories
  • Goals
  • A book you read
  • Art projects
  • Letter to your future self
  • List of gifts you received for Christmas
  • A favorite movie or CD
  • Souvenir from a trip


Yes, this is the obvious one, but it's still a great option! Take this opportunity to talk with your kids about the importance of goals, then help them set a few. Jordan has a great post about setting and keeping goals HERE.


Sit down as a family and make a list of any activities you want to do or things you want to try in the upcoming year. Then make a plan to carry them out. This is a great way to promote family connection in the New Year! Here are some great ideas to get you started:


These fun ideas will give your New Year's Eve traditions a little somethin' somethin' and make it that much more special for you and your family! Try one or all of these and see which one your family has the most fun with.


Who doesn't love an excuse to dress up? Choose a theme each year and dress up for your at-home family New Year's Eve party! I've got some fun themes to spark your imagination:

  • Decades
  • Around the World
  • Glitter Party
  • Masquerade
  • Hollywood Stars Night
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Literary Characters
Dress up to make your New Year's Eve traditions extra special this year - Ideas from Fun Cheap or Free

If your family isn't really into themes, wear your pajamas and declare it a pj party! It doesn't really matter what you decide to do as long as your family has fun!


Have each member of the family choose an activity so everyone feels like they helped plan the night! Ask everyone to come up with their ideas ahead of time so that 1) you can approve them, and 2) you can make sure you have any needed supplies ready to go.

Start with the youngest first, just in case they need to go to bed. Don't forget to allow time to eat (and do sparklers, watch the ball drop, or any other traditions that are important to your family).


Help mark each passing hour with a new activity. This will help the time go by and will keep the night fun and exciting! Here's an example schedule of what your night could look like:

  • 5:00 – Appetizers and reflection questions
  • 6:00 – Service project
  • 7:00 – Dinner and goals
  • 8:00 – Games
  • 9:00 – Karaoke & dance party
  • 10:00 – Dessert & plan the upcoming year
  • 11:00 – Sparklers
  • 12:00 – Celebrate and get to bed!


Staying in as a family for New Year's Eve can be just as fun, if not more fun, as going out. Plus, you can create some amazing New Year's Eve traditions and memories.What do you like to do for New Year's Eve? Let me know in the comments below! If you want to hear more about motherhood, find me on my blog or Instagram.

New Year's Eve family traditions from Fun Cheap or Free

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