Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm going to show you some adorable nest cupcakes. A few disclaimers: 
A) Yes, mine turned out hideous
and B) the photos are even worse-looking.
It was late, I was in a rush, and I didn't have the time or patience to make them perfect. But next time, I'm telling you!….
– anywho –
You not only can use these for Easter, but these cupcakes are also perfect for 
Spring treats, 
Owl-themed parties, 
“Big Bird” kid parties, 
“Birds of a feather” shower parties, 
or anything else you can think of with birds.
They are easy, cute, and delish.
Nest Cupcakes

Now, you could do these a number of ways. You could use chocolate frosting to make a brown nest, 
you could do green frosting so it's more like eggs in grass,
or you could do colored frosting for a “nest-y” look:
How cute to add Peeps on top?? Genius.
My cupcakes were a TOTAL last-minute thought. My mom makes an adorable Easter Bunny cake every year and I felt sad that I had no interest whatsoever in baking anything, let alone a bunny cake. I decided on cupcakes and had to scavenge for anything I had that could work.
I found some leftover frosting in my pantry from my “after Halloween haul
whipped up some FunFetti cake mix cupcakes,
pulled out my grass cake decorating tip, 
and did my best to make a grassy/nest-y look.
Topped with some of my favorite jelly beans (Starburst beans…mmmm…) and voila!
A little bit of an epic fail, but you get the concept 😉

So there you go! Cute idea for your next nesty affair.
Happy Tuesday!