A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Welcome back to another edition of About Me Monday, where it saves my blog-post sanity on a manic monday, and allows us to get to know each other a bit better! Today's theme is Pet Peeves. I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Be sure to share about yourself in the comments so I can get to know YOU as well! So here goes…

Some of my biggest pet peeves are:

  • Wearing shoes in the house.
  • Wasting things. Anything at all.
  • When someone leaves the water running or the fridge door open unnecessarily. It makes me anxious. (I hate wasting things, remember? Water and electricity included.)
  • Mean people. I just don't get it.
  • When people touch me in the ribs. I HATE having my ribs touched. Makes me want to snap their finger off. Kinda kidding, kinda not.
  • Being early to something. I know this seems weird, but I hate sitting around and waiting. I can get a lot done in 5 or even 10 minutes, so I hate feeling like I'm wasting time.
  • Moving/doing things slow. Life is too short and the hours are too fast, let's move move move people!
  • Passive-aggression. Say what you mean and mean what you say!
  • Going without a bra. Can't stand it.
  • When people spend lots of energy complaining about their problems, but aren't interested in putting any energy into actually fixing their problems.
  • Baking. I'd rather go to prison.
  • “Lol”. I don't know why, but I will probably never say it, text it, or write it. ever. I don't really mind when other people do it, but I just can't bring myself to. I'm just more of a “haha!” gal.
  • My daughter Priya's record-decible-breaking voice/scream. Makes my head rattle.
  • Cats. Their just kinda weird. Mostly they just make me nervous. And they scare me. You can see through their eyes….!!
  • When my sheets are loose. I will make the bed before getting in it to avoid bunchy sheets.
  • When my dear husband takes a phone call and says “go ahead” when I tell him I have something to share, but then doesn't listen and is busy and distracted on the other end. Just don't pick up the phone if it's a bad time! Sorry babe, had to.
  • When my drinks are warm or my food is cold.
  • Sleeping in socks.
  • The sound of ice skating. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.
  • Stiletto heels. I like me some high heels, don't get me wrong, but I can't stand skinny, scrawny stilettos. It's impossible for me to walk in them!
  • When food is so spicy that I can't taste anything else.
  • Body hair. Just not a big fan…(but on other people mostly. I'll go weeks without shaving my legs. TMI much?…)
  • Listening to commercials on the radio. I will turn it off or change it every time. They are SO obnoxious.
  • Technology, 99.9% of the time.
  • Pessimism and victim mentality.
  • When people say “anyways”. It's anywaY. No “S”. Sorry to break it to you folks.
  • Utah accents. It's pIllow, not pEllow. And it's mounTain, not mou'in. And it's cuTE not Cu'. And it's piCTure not pi'CHer. But I love Utah and will put up with the accent any day 🙂
  • Cold soups. It's just plain unnatural!

Ok wow I really went overboard there, didn't I? Sorry, you've got me all riled up now! I meant to do 3 or 4 but just couldn't stop typing, haha!

So let's share…what are some of YOUR biggest pet peeves?

Anything you want me to share for the next About Me Monday? Leave a comment or email me and I'd be happy to answer them!