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A few random facts about a Frugality Blogger

Welcome back to another edition of About Me Monday, where it saves my blog-post sanity on a manic monday, and allows us to get to know each other a bit better! Today's theme is Pet Peeves. I'll show you mine if you show me yours! Be sure to share about yourself in the comments so I can get to know YOU as well! So here goes…

Some of my biggest pet peeves are:

  • Wearing shoes in the house.
  • Wasting things. Anything at all.
  • When someone leaves the water running or the fridge door open unnecessarily. It makes me anxious. (I hate wasting things, remember? Water and electricity included.)
  • Mean people. I just don't get it.
  • When people touch me in the ribs. I HATE having my ribs touched. Makes me want to snap their finger off. Kinda kidding, kinda not.
  • Being early to something. I know this seems weird, but I hate sitting around and waiting. I can get a lot done in 5 or even 10 minutes, so I hate feeling like I'm wasting time.
  • Moving/doing things slow. Life is too short and the hours are too fast, let's move move move people!
  • Passive-aggression. Say what you mean and mean what you say!
  • Going without a bra. Can't stand it.
  • When people spend lots of energy complaining about their problems, but aren't interested in putting any energy into actually fixing their problems.
  • Baking. I'd rather go to prison.
  • “Lol”. I don't know why, but I will probably never say it, text it, or write it. ever. I don't really mind when other people do it, but I just can't bring myself to. I'm just more of a “haha!” gal.
  • My daughter Priya's record-decible-breaking voice/scream. Makes my head rattle.
  • Cats. Their just kinda weird. Mostly they just make me nervous. And they scare me. You can see through their eyes….!!
  • When my sheets are loose. I will make the bed before getting in it to avoid bunchy sheets.
  • When my dear husband takes a phone call and says “go ahead” when I tell him I have something to share, but then doesn't listen and is busy and distracted on the other end. Just don't pick up the phone if it's a bad time! Sorry babe, had to.
  • When my drinks are warm or my food is cold.
  • Sleeping in socks.
  • The sound of ice skating. It makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it.
  • Stiletto heels. I like me some high heels, don't get me wrong, but I can't stand skinny, scrawny stilettos. It's impossible for me to walk in them!
  • When food is so spicy that I can't taste anything else.
  • Body hair. Just not a big fan…(but on other people mostly. I'll go weeks without shaving my legs. TMI much?…)
  • Listening to commercials on the radio. I will turn it off or change it every time. They are SO obnoxious.
  • Technology, 99.9% of the time.
  • Pessimism and victim mentality.
  • When people say “anyways”. It's anywaY. No “S”. Sorry to break it to you folks.
  • Utah accents. It's pIllow, not pEllow. And it's mounTain, not mou'in. And it's cuTE not Cu'. And it's piCTure not pi'CHer. But I love Utah and will put up with the accent any day 🙂
  • Cold soups. It's just plain unnatural!

Ok wow I really went overboard there, didn't I? Sorry, you've got me all riled up now! I meant to do 3 or 4 but just couldn't stop typing, haha!

So let's share…what are some of YOUR biggest pet peeves?

Anything you want me to share for the next About Me Monday? Leave a comment or email me and I'd be happy to answer them!




  1. AvatarKaren says

    I moved to Pennsylvania from the midwest just over a year ago, and I discovered a whole new list of pet peeves! People here have NO idea how to drive. They act like stop signs are optional, have ZERO understanding of right-of-way, and don’t know about the amazing magical thing called a turn signal. Outside of driving, they use the word “awhile” completely incorrectly. For example: “I’ll go get that for you awhile.” Huh? As in, you’re going to take a long time to get that for me? They also pronounce the word radiator with a short “a” as in apple, instead of a long “a” like ape. Very very strange dialect here.

  2. AvatarPatti says

    Oh my…that’s a pretty good list…

    For me? Hmmm…

    Wearing shoes in the house…yep, as soon as I walk in the door the shoes come off.

    People who are consistently late…that tells me you don’t value my time.

    Anywho…what? Where does that come from?

    People who bring their sick kids into the store (I work retail management)…honestly have had kids puke on the sales floor, the mom say, “I knew he was sick.” Well then, why are you exposing the rest of us to your sick kid? Get him home and put him to bed.

    People who don’t like cats!! That’s so weird. It’s so comforting to come home from a long day at work and have a sweet little kitty cuddle with you, purring to beat the band. Of course, I always had cats growing up…

    People who borrow things and don’t return them…yes, I’m sure I’ve done that too, but I really make the effort to return things.

    People who are too lazy to clean the snow off of their cars…I hate it when snow blows onto my windshield…dangerous!

    People who are mean to animals…period. Doesn’t matter what kind of animal…just be nice. And if you’re not going to take care of your pets, don’t get pets.

    When politicians lie…oh wait…what am I saying? Lol (couldn’t resist)
    Patti recently posted…ElementalMy Profile

      • AvatarPatti says

        Absolutely not…I think you would find them likeable if you spent time with my two…or maybe not. I had a cat, years ago, that only liked me…he never did warm up to anyone else. And my family and friends hated (and feared) him…so maybe you have to develop a love for cats at an early age…
        Patti recently posted…ElementalMy Profile

        • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

          Oh I have to say that I’m with you on this one. My frozen cat heart is slowly melting. My neighbor got a kitten and it’s the cutest friendliest little thing. I guess Bubba’s grandma’s crazy/mean cats ruined me for a while. Maybe in time I’ll become less afraid and start warming up to them… 🙂

  3. AvatarStacia says

    Haha. Oh Utah accents…Don’t forget “carn” instead of “corn,” and “crick” instead of “creek.”

    I cannot stand the way sheets feel on my toes after I’ve put lotion on my feet! It results in a “nails on a chalkboard” kind of reaction! I also can’t stand soup that is less than piping hot, and when the phrase “I could care less” is used instead of the proper “I couldN’T care less.” Oh, and when adults write “your” when it should be “you’re.” We learned the difference in grade school, people. 😉

  4. AvatarNancy says

    My Pet Peeves:
    1. People chewing ice
    2. Repitive sounds
    3. When I am out shopping and people just stop right in front of me for no apparent reason
    4. Smokers…..don’t they realize how much they stink ALL THE TIME?
    5. My ex-husband’s voice
    6. People that are ALWAYS down no matter what!

    That felt good…thanks!

  5. AvatarKandice says

    I never say lol either it drives me crazy. I even make my husband say haha instead.

    But my absolute biggest pet peeve is when you use some ones bathroom and they dont have soap and or a towel to dry your hands. Like what do you not wash. So much so i’ll just avoid peoples bathrooms and wait till im home.

  6. AvatarMeg Metzler says

    -When people don’t use their directional signals. Really bugs me.
    -When you’re in a group (book club, Mah Jongg etc….) and one person never hosts. They always come, but they never reciprocate by hosting at their house.
    -When I’m interrupted while eating and my dinner gets cold or my cereal gets soggy. I love my food piping hot! Not luke warm. ick.
    -When you let someone go in traffic and they don’t give you a wave to say thanks.
    -When my family talks during movies and shows. Tell me later!

  7. AvatarKismet says

    Pet peeves:
    Number 1 by far: having to take my shoes off in ANYONE’S house. I feel it is disrespectful to guests to ask it of them.

    #2: Bad grammar. People, when a word is past tense put a ‘d’ on the end! SupposeD to, UseD to, etc.

  8. AvatarBonnie says

    wow! you have a LOT of energy, girl!! I don’t like the paper towels or toilet paper rolling off the back instead of the front. I change them at work all the time!!

  9. AvatarKathleen says

    Lack of integrity. If you say you’re going to, then do.
    Dishonesty and lying.
    Manipulators and manipulating. Ugly all the way around.
    Sleeping with anything on. Forget the bunched up sheets, I hate getting tangled up and twisted in my pajamas.
    Bad drivers
    Someone starting a conversation with another in the middle of someone else’s conversation. It’s just rude!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Boy, my husband sure WISHES I wore nothing to bed! haha! P.S hopefully you don’t move to Utah if you don’t live here already. We are horrific drivers.

  10. AvatarDanielle says

    Food temperature. I have to eat it at the temperature it’s supposed to be served at. Hot things need to be hot, not warm. Cold things need to be cold. And room temperature things need to be room temperature.

  11. AvatarRocky says

    Oh girly-do we really want to open up this can o’ worms?

    So many things on here I can relate to. The passive aggressive-I’ve always struggled when people act like this-playing some game and getting mad that I don’t react the way they expect. I just found out this week that I probably am autistic-high functioning but struggling to get the social rules. Saying what you really mean is soooo helpful!

    Wasting things-especially time. I guess this is from our years of living so frugally.

    Bunching sheets is a major one over here-the hubster likes his side untucked and mine must be tucked. I just don’t get it.

    Texting-I worked hard to become proficient in my spelling why would I start a practice to undermine that?

    Honking the horn when picking someone up-text them or have the respect to actually go to the door! Some of us have kids just going down for a nap for Pete’s sake!

    Restrictive clothing-I kinda get clostraphobic when I feel like I can’t move so I adore knit tops and stretch fabrics. My mom noticed this and actually made my wedding dress out of stretch satin so I could do a backflip if I wanted-I didn’t-but I could’ve. 🙂

    Personally I would love to hear what your favorite ways to de-stress are. I tend to be a go-go-go machine and sounds like you are too. So how do you slow down and allow the stress to drift away?

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Thanks for sharing your list! Amen on the restrictive clothes. I’m so happy the trend right now is flowy shirts that aren’t super tight-fitting. I used to hate skinny jeans until I discovered the $7 Forever21 jeans that are FABULOUS http://bit.ly/N4J1dm. Thanks for sharing!
      And as for de-stressing, I’ll do a post on that! Keep checking back, I’ll try to do it in the next few weeks. Thanks for the idea! XOXO

  12. AvatarCathie says

    I don’t really like LOL either, because I’m a literal kind of person, and I either L’d OL, or I didn’t. If I did, then I almost have to put LLOL, for Literally Laughed out Loud, since LOL has become so over-used that no one really believes that you really did LOL
    I hate WEARING a bra. Or shoes. And socks.
    I live in NJ, but I’m not from NJ, and people here talk weird, too. They say “herricane” instead of hurricane, “wooder” for water, and my biggest pet peeve of all, “crown” for crayon. I could go on….they say “hume, phune, mument” instead of home, phone, and moment.
    I hate when anything is on my bed that doesn’t belong on my bed. Like, for instance, when my husband decides to turn the bed into a temporary desk. Drives me nuts.
    When my guys disrobe in the common areas of the house. It’s not that part that makes me crazy, but that they leave their discarded clothes in a pile in the kitchen (near the laundry room.)
    Wow, this feels good!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha it does feel good, doesn’t it! P.S I actually LLOL’d on your first one, and so did my husband. Let’s make that a “thing” shall we??

  13. AvatarAndi Marie says

    People’s windshield wipers that go faster than is necessary. It especially drives me nuts if the person is behind me and I can see those suckers going crazy whenever I look in my rear view mirror.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      HAHA I laughed out loud on this one, I’m the EXACT same way! It drives me BONKERS when my wipers go too fast. I haven’t noticed anyone else’s, but I probably will now. (Gee, thanks a lot…jk)

  14. AvatarAshley says

    When people do not wave when you purposely let them into the lane! It is such a small gesture, I cannot STAND when people don’t put forth even a little bit of effort.

    When people do not say “please” and “thank you”. When someone goes out of their way for you- be kind! They were for you!

  15. Avatarrachel says

    Bad grammar
    People who think it is ok to be late
    People who don’t follow through with their promise/word/expected behavior
    Making every red light

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh my gosh I HATE red lights. The only thing that has made me tolerate them in the last few years is that I do my makeup in the car, and do it at red lights. So when I do my makeup, I welcome red lights and it’s calmed me down in the car. But if my makeup is done? I could kill red lights.

  16. AvatarCarmen says

    I hate cleaning the lint out of the dryer. I do everything in my power not to touch it. I hate the feeling.
    I can’t stand not having my toenails painted. And it weirds me out when people’s toenails aren’t painted.
    I absolutely hate leftovers. Probably 75% of the time our leftovers get thrown away when they go moldy in the fridge.
    I hate selfies. It’s weird and slightly egocentric.
    I won’t wear hand me downs and I won’t let my daughter wear them either. It’s not so much the thought of other peoples clothes or being poor and anything; more like I hate the way the fabric feels after being used and washed.
    Also, I hate when people say supposebly. Or supposably. Whatever. It’s not a word.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      GASP! You throw away leftovers?? That makes my heart hurt a little. But I definitely chuckled about the lint. That’s hilarious 🙂

  17. AvatarRoberta Suess says

    No eye contact
    People who interrupt conversations
    Guests who are way too early
    Those who talk about themselves ALL the time! ( give it a rest !)
    People who lie , are deceitful and inconsiderate
    Wow that felt GREAT thank you for asking!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Oh my gosh YES! I hate it when people show up early to a party! Come on people, don’t you know that i’m always running late and need those final 10 minutes to brush my teeth for the first time that day?!

  18. AvatarAdrienne Boswell says

    I’m a grammar freak. So when I hear someone say “I seen it” or use a double negative like “I didn’t see no….” I just want to scream. I have a facebook friend that writes things like that in her posts and I might have to unfriend her just because her grammar is so bad.

  19. AvatarAlyshia says

    Ha ha – this is great! It’s interesting to see what bugs everyone. I’m going to try harder to ‘not do that!’ :/

    I’m with you on the ‘no shoes in the house’ rule. It’s SO much healthier for everyone to have to them off!

    Wearing a bra. I used to be the exact opposite, but now that I nurse full time – I can’t stand it! I’ll wear tight undergarments and a really loose shirt so I can get away without it sometimes! So scandalous, right!?

    Carpet. Especially used, old carpet you have to live in when you rent. Gross. Who invented carpet? That’s why I love rugs… we can throw them out when they get gross!

    Hee hee – I might be one of those people who have their windshield wipers on full speed. I HATE rain drops on my window (and I live in the rainy state of WA)!! So funny.

    Thanks for letting us all vent a little! 🙂

  20. AvatarStacey says

    These comments are hilarious! I also hate LOL and refuse to use it. Running the water and leaving the fridge open are also major pet peeves. I told my husband this and I think he does it more now just to bug me. It seriously gives me anxiety. I also hate when people don’t make good use of their dishwasher space and run a dishwasher that’s not full (especially if the sink is still full of dishes). I don’t like when people drive only one speed no matter the speed limit. I have a problem with people saying chester drawers (chest of drawers) and spinnage (spinach). I seriously saw a ksl ad for a chester draws. Come on people! Ok. I feel better now.

  21. AvatarPam says

    I just want one or two napkins from the dispenser on the table …not a handful! Apparently those who fill them never use them. I believe they overfill them thinking they will not have to refill them as often. This totally defeats the purpose as more work is needed to clean up the shreds of paper napkin left on the table along with stacks of unused napkins (they don’t put those back in do they?)

    When properly filled the dispenser will work as designed and allow us to pull out just one napkin . There will be enough room for the springloaded mechanism to give allowing the imprisoned napkins room to move back and allow space to grasp one napkin! Another perk is the fact that there is less waste and dispensers will stay full longer.

  22. AvatarKim says

    Oh dear – you asked!
    1- shoes and bra – hate, hate, hate- I think a man must have invented a bra!
    2-people who say ” NO PROBLEM” – What happened to a simple THANK -YOU!
    2.5- people are only going 45mph at the end of the exit ramp!
    3- cell phone courtesy-
    a- loud cell phone conversations in public. I really don’t want to hear what you have to say!
    b- people who literally walk in to you or your car because they are too busy texting.
    c- phone tag
    d- using a cell phone at the dinner table or watching tv instead of talking.
    a- wearing PJ’s in public – seriously! My mother always taught me to shower, put on a little makeup, descent clothes and act like a lady!
    b-not returning your shopping cart , it’s only 5 ft away!
    c- parking in a ‘no parking’ zone.
    d- people who tell me that “I TAKE A LITTLE WHITE PILL “. Do you know how many little white pills are on the market? !!!
    Give us health care workers a break! Please carry a list with you!!!!
    And turn off your cell while we are talking to you !!!!
    5- Parents who don’t seem to care –
    a-small children who are walking 10 ft behind their parents and the parents don’t care. I always worried that someone would grab mine.
    b- screaming children in a restaurant, or in a shopping cart and the parents just let them. I just want a peaceful meal.
    What happened to please , thank-you and EXCUSE ME!
    so many times someone will just walk in front of me while I’m looking at something in the aisle. really!
    7- people who say ” I’ll be praying for you” – when you know that they most likely will not.
    8- too many Facebook posts by one person!
    9- beautiful flowers such as orchids that are placed in front of a cold entrance at the store. They are tropical plants !
    10- disorganization , clutter and uncleanliness !
    nasty public bathrooms – men’s are cleaner sometimes than the women’s.
    11- people who wear too much perfume! Some of us are affected physically.
    12- people who just poke along in the store like they have all the time in the world. They usually take up the whole space!
    13- gum smacking.
    I saw a large piece of gum placed on the outside menu board of a drive thru this week – really ?
    14 – TMI – I really don’t need to know every little detail. Just cut to the chase !
    Thanks for listening. I feel better now!

  23. AvatarJamiee says

    Many commenters have mentioned grammar. I am a former English teacher, and I cannot stand it when a word is used incorrectly–especially by my own children. I hate chatter….not so much talking to have a conversation, but I hate the chatter by people who just talk to hear themselves talk. I dislike it when parents take school sports way too seriously. Yelling at an athlete or an official is totally unacceptable. I would rather not wear shoes….socks optional, but not in the summer. I cannot stand it when I ask my kids to do something, and they look at me like I’m an alien, or crazy, or a crazy alien. I dislike it when grade school teachers give grade school kids three hours of homework a night. I am all for studying and practicing what you have learned, but three hours is the start of a major fight with a child, which leads me to my next one. With that much homework, my kids look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when they come out of school, and I am thinking, in my compact car, where am I going to put those backpacks, and do they have workman’s comp for students at school? I mean I am always telling my kids that going to school is their job, so when their back is hurt because of the bulging backpack, who is going to pay that doctor bill? I also dislike people who take advantage of something like unloading their thoughts on a blog. I ‘d better stop now….after this comment, I could be one of those people. Oh and I’m with you on the LOL thing. I don’t like TXT either or anything that is shortened and spelled incorrectly. Mst b eng tchr n me or sumthn.

  24. AvatarAmanda says

    Oh do I have a list as well:

    1. People who don’t use their turn signals. Really !?!? I can’t read your mind!

    2. People who think it is ok for their dog to poop on someone else’s yard… and leave it! I am a dog owner and I would never ever ever leave behind poop for someone else to clean up!

    3. My neighbors…. they have 7 children under the age of 9. Instead of watching their children while they are outside playing in the street, they went and bought the little yellow plastic man that holds a flag from Costco! I’m sure glad your kids are that important to you!

    4. People who don’t clean the snow off their car!

    5. People who park in the handicapped spots when they are not handicapped! Freakin’ rude! (I am not handicapped but it makes me angry)

    6. When someone lets their front yard look like the home is condemned!

    7. Sleeping in any type of clothing but especially socks!

    ok I should quit for now!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  25. AvatarKayLyn says

    I agree on so may of these pet peeves. I’ll add two that are related to each other 1) I can’t stand listening to people chewing. I understand I do it, and it’s necessary to sustain life. But I do NOT like to hear it! My poor kids get the brunt of this pet peeve. 2) My hubby chews his ice cream, even when there are no chunks. Really? It just melts, dude. No need to chew. Thanks for the forum to express those frustrations. Whew, that felt good.

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