My new Daily Vlog! (Well, InstaVlog, that is…)

Keep up behind the scenes - watch my new InstaVlog! I post daily videos that show you a snippet of our life. It's crazy, and we love it!

If you ever wondered what everyday life is like with 5 kids while updating a home  (#ThePageProject), running a few businesses, and keeping up with life in general… your dreams have officially come true! I have always wanted to do a Vlog (and since I get almost daily requests for one it sounds like some people out there have wanted me to do one too…) but truthfully just don't have time. Filming and editing videos is NO JOKE. Mama ain't got time for that. So since a traditional vlog isn't an option right now, I think I found the solution! I will be documenting video snippets of life at the Page household everyday on, what I've dubbed, my InstaVlog (Instagram Video Blog)!  Now that Instagram allows one minute videos it gives me just enough time to show you bits and pieces of our life behind the scenes. I will show you how we function day today, tips and tricks that I have found are helpful as a parent, and will even give you a backstage view of our home renovation project. It's not long, or fancy…but hey, at least it's something!

Want to see what we've been up to the past week? You can see the InsaVlog videos we have posted so far below –

For those of you who don't already, you're going to want to follow on Instagram! These InstaVlogs will be exclusive to Instagram, so if you want to see the shenanigans, you'll want to head there!

#BehindThePages? scene of our life – today I thought I'd show you a video I filmed yesterday of how we've been combatting “The Witching Hour” at our house. You know, that dreaded 4-6ish window when you're at your wit's end, your kids are wired and cranky, everyone's had a long day, and all you want to do is make your kids go away. No? Just me? …cough…he'em…well either way, instead of turning on the TV (which seems to make things worse) we like to take them outside. Simon Says is a great way to get them to run around and burn off energy…and even Daddy can't help but join in when he gets off work ? (and #PoorChubbyOllie, though it just about kills him…) #CasaDeLaPage #PAgeHousehold #PageProjectYard (PS are these the types of videos you'd like to see? ????? Still trying to feel it out!)

A video posted by Jordan Page | Costco Pro ?? (@funcheaporfree) on

Keep up behind the scenes - watch my new InstaVlog! I post daily videos that show you a snippet of our life. It's crazy, and we love it!    

#BehindThePages? life clip for the day, examples of how I multi-task while playing with my kids! While outside I was carrying the baby, pushing Daivy on her roller coaster (using a broom handle so I didn't have to bend over), did my makeup, swept a bit, supervised the kids, set up a bootleg water table for them, did my makeup, and even crocheted a bit. There's a time to fully engage and a time to multitask…and If I didn't utilize those multi-tasking moments, I wouldn't get anything done! So instead of going up to my bathroom to put makeup on while my kids play…I put it on outside while I chit chat with them. While pushing Daivy around on her bike with a broom handle…I sweep a bit too. It's not perfect but at least it's SOMETHING, which is better than NOTHING! #OrSomethingLikeThat #ADayInTheLife. How do YOU multi-task as a mom??

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Keep up behind the scenes - watch my new InstaVlog! I post daily videos that show you a snippet of our life. It's crazy, and we love it!

#BehindThePages? InstaVlog clip today…better late than never ?. A shot of dinnertime – Made Rotini Bake casserole and rice crispies simultaneously thanks to my kitchen helper. Had to keep Daivy in the high chair with snacks and coloring because she was N-U-T-S-O. Gave Hutch a workbook to do, Beck played outside, Mory was sleeping. Had to race against the clock so I could get the kids' plates out and get them eating before Mory needed to be fed. Turned on our #PageDanceParty speaker with music and lights to keep them occupied while feeding the baby. We somehow managed and I even made it to my church activity aaaaalmost on time! #TenMinutesLateCloseEnough #IllTakeIt #ADayInTheLife #AndNowINeedANap

A video posted by Jordan Page | Costco Pro ?? (@funcheaporfree) on

I hope you enjoy the antics! Let me know what sort of InstaVlogs you'd like me to see do in the comments below!

Happy Watching 🙂



  1. AvatarKara says

    Your family is awesome! I love how carefree and fun all of you are. Your vlogs crack me up, motivate me, inspire me, and are great. Thanks so much for sharing. I think a morning routine vlog, weekend vlog, and special events vlogs would be a good idea. You asked for opinions so here are some of my ideas. Thanks again for sharing your time and life with everyone!! Have a great weekend!
    P.s. I loved your Instagram “attitude” post! Really made me think!

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Kara you are the best! Thanks for your input! It’s hard to know if they are helping or hurting, haha. So i’m so glad to know you like them! Thanks for taking the time to comment XO

  2. AvatarMelissa says

    You’ll perfect multi-tasking (if you haven’t already) overtime and just accept the fact that’s just good enough. Keep up the wonderful work mama. You are doing awesome!

    A mama of 7 ?

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