Interview with My Mommy Style about Finances!

The ADORABLE ladies at My Mommy Style interviewed me recently about becoming the Queen of your finances. Other than my teeth driving me nuts the whole video (I'm still in the thick of Invisalign and my teeth aren't quite where I want them yet, but soon enough!!) they did a great job! I sat down and talked about the turning point in my life where I became “the Fun Cheap or Free Queen” and how it happened pretty much by force (and thank goodness it did). I also answer tough questions like “The most important thing I could tell women out there is….” and “How has this lifestyle or yours translated into your life as a mother?” (Good questions, right?!)

I also shared my “Simplest Budgeting Technique EVER” tips with them on their blog (see it on my own site HERE). Check out the interview online HERE (or click and watch at the bottom of this post) and check out their blog post about my budgeting technique as well. I love their site because it's all about empowering women/mothers and sharing everyday stories with the rest of us to draw inspiration from.

Thanks for having me, ladies! XOXO