Great all-natural baby products you need to try!

At my #AskMeMonday Q&A on Periscope this week, I was asked what my go-to baby products are. Being on-the-spot I left out several products from my all star lineup. Shoot! I've decided to partner up with Maty's Healthy Products and tell you about a new favorite of mine.

I get asked a lot about quality baby products that are safe and all-natural. Many of you know that I am pretty laid back when it comes to the products I buy…

…unless I'm using them on my kids.

Mama bear comes out and I'm careful about what I use, especially on my baby. So I've discovered these products that are a perfect go-to for day to day use. Here's what I love for dry skin (on my kids AND myself!) and sick kiddos:


Great all-natural baby products you need to try!

I've really enjoyed using this all-natural baby ointment. What I like is that for around $10 you get a large tub of product that not only works, but works for multiple uses. I used to use straight coconut oil but found that this Maty's ointment has coconut oil + olive oil, beeswax, Jojoba oil, and vitamin E. It has NO parabens, phthalates, fragrances, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, preservatives, mineral oils, gluten or chemicals, for all you health nuts out there who actually know what that stuff is.

Here's what I use this ointment for:

  • Dry skin for me. Washing my hands ALL DAY LONG leaves them super chapped. I also like using it on my elbows because they are a hot mess 100% of the time.
  • Keeping my kids' skin baby soft. I like slathering them in this after the tub.
  • Chapped lips. Especially on my 4 year old. She licks her lips constantly and they are always chapped. I like using Maty's because I know when she ingests it by licking her lips, it won't kill her. Plus it creates a water barrier and helps keeps her lips from chapping.
  • Diaper rash. My baby Daivy gets HORRIFIC diaper rash when she eats bananas or non-sensisitve formula. I've tried all the diaper creams on the market. This ointment does what the others haven't; stopped future diaper rash while soothing and healing at the same time. I love this ointment because, again, it creates a moisture area when you apply it to a clean, dry bum. Coconut oil especially is like nature's Neosporin and really helps with the healing process.
  • Eczema. Priya has Exima that flares up badly, oddly enough, mostly on her bum. The only ointment that worked was this scary-heavy-duty prescription stuff from the doc. I apply Maty's to her trouble spots after the tub each day and it has really seemed to help, plus it soothes/heals as well.
  • Dry scalp. Baby Daivy gets cradle cap occasionally (since we live in Utah, the driest place ever). I used to put that delicious-smelling pink lotion on her scalp but found it wasn't really helping. Maty's ointment has worked really nicely. Just be sure to do it at night before bed to avoid crazy-looking baby hair:

All-natural product for dry baby scalp!

So, why not just use vaseline? This ointment is a safe alternative to Vaseline because it's Petroleum Free. Even Dr. Oz is a strong advocate of not putting anything on your skin that you aren't willing to eat. So, why put harsh chemicals on the delicate skin of your baby?


My kids have bad ears/noses/throats (thanks Heredity) and get sick a lot in the winter, no matter how many precautions we take (including running their toys through the dishwasher). When my sweet baby Daivy gets a cough I like to use Maty's all-natural baby chest rub on her:

Great all-natural baby products you need to try!

It is Menthol-free which I like. I was freaked out to put the typical menthol rub on her. It burns my eyes, can't imagine what it does to my tiny baby! This has coconut oil, lavender, and chamomile in it which gently relieves cough and congestion, while the Lavender and Chamomile helps soothe and relax your baby for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Additionally, Maty's has a line of all-natural products that I give to my kids liberally without feeling guilty:

Great all-natural baby products you need to try!

See what ingredients they use and you'll see you have nothing to worry about.

Maty's send me these products to try and I've been using them almost daily since. Trust me, I wouldn't write about it if I didn't personally believe in it. You can buy Maty's products on their website, or at your favorite stores:


What all-natural remedies do YOU use on your kids? Share with us in the comments below!

Hope you all have a wonderful week!