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My Favorite Things

We all love great stuff, and GREAT DEALS on great stuff, right?
Below is a compilation of
1) Good or great deals
2) Some of my favorite things
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
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We all know I like LOVE Oprah. Remember how I went to see her…twice??

I'm so sad to see her go.

Since I love her Favorite Things episodes so much, I thought I'd start tracking some of MY favorite things.

A few things to keep in mind:
A) This is simply my opinion.

We are all entitled to our own, I promise! I'm not paid for my opinions on these things, I'm not sponsored to tell you any of these things, I simply like these products and want to share.

B) Some are steals, some are reasonable, some are NOT steals, but are worth the investment.

It's all about balance, people!

Ok, ready to rock?
Enjoy 🙂

Baby and Kid Gadgets:

Kidco PeaPod

Portable child bed. Better than a pack-n-play for so many reasons.

These are a life saver for parents of kids who like to throw things.
Folds up into a tiny bag, perfect for travel or better than having 2 high chairs in your house.
No need to search for a microwave while out. Keep your milk chilled and it warms itself when you're ready.

Poncho Nursing Cover (DIY)

360 degree coverage. No side-boob for me, baby!

Stainless Steel Coffee Thermos

An easy way to keep warm water with you for formula bottles.

The perfect TUB TOY basket


Travel and Entertainment:


Unlimited possibilities at your fingertips.

Zagg Invisible Shield

Effective protection for your precious technology.

My Favorite Apps

Entertaining, functional, free or cheap.

iPad Headrest Mount

Perfect for cars with no DVD player.

Get-To-Know-You Games

Perfect for parties and long car rides.

Color Wonder Coloring Books

A must-have for kids. The markers only draw on the special paper, so no marker mess!

Travel Neck Pillow

A must-have for comfort in a plane or car, and great for kids' car seats.



Food and Kitchen:

Food Sealers

Big and little options for keeping your food fresh.

Funny looking, but I can't live without it. No more mess with pots and pans!


Home and Organization:

My Favorite Vacuums

From super cheap to good investment, my top vacuum pics. And trust me…with a hairy dog, I know my stuff.

My Favorite Laundry Products

I'm a laundry snob, so I refuse to settle for poor laundry soaps!

(Benefits of a candle, without the flame!)





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