I used this “favorite thing” yet again last night when we were eating dinner at Grandma's house and I thought to myself, “I have GOT to share this with my readers!” If you have kids and don't have one of these babies, you are certainly missing out.

Introducing, one of my absolute favorite things…

My Little Seat Travel High Chair

My mom bought me this from Walmart.com for about $20 and it has been an absolute life saver!

It folds up super small and has its own little matching carrying bag. I just leave it in the bottom of my diaper bag! It works great when you are at someone's house that doesn't have an extra high chair for you…perfect for travel.

It straps your child in securely, and has lots of straps and cinches in the back to fit any chair.

The best part? My wiggly boy doesn't mind it at all which is a miracle!

I recommend keeping the package it comes in because it can be tricky to figure out how it goes on the chair if you don't have a picture to look at.

I think this is worth the investment and is a mommy's life saver. This would be a great baby gift, and is very unique…and cute!

I babysat my friend's son and only had one high chair for the two toddlers. I busted this out and it worked like a charm on her 18 month old:

So that's one of my favorite things, just had to share. Let me know if you use it and love it like I do!