I haven't posted a favorite thing in a while so I thought it was about time (see my other favorites HERE).
This morning I “cooked” my son an egg and realized that I'm doing you all a disservice by not sharing this handy little fella with you!
Why is this weird looking thing cool? Well, let me tell you!
My son hardly eats anything, let alone a whole egg. I used to get out the pan, spray it, cook it, wash it, wash the spatula, dry it, put it away…
Big hassle for one tiny egg.
Then…I found this baby!
You crack open the egg, dump it in the cup, puncture the yolk, microwave it for 35 or 40 seconds, and voila!
It's not very pretty looking when it comes out, but it's done in a flash. Perfect for egg salad sandwiches, breakfast burritos, eggs on toast, or just a simple scrambled egg.
The description says it's designed to make soft or hard-boiled eggs in the microwave. 
They lie.
It in no way comes out looking or tasting like anything other than a scrambled egg, but that's what I wanted so I guess I'm happy about it.
The one downside is, sometimes I like my yolk to run on my toast. BUT…if you have a runny yolk, you have runny whites too. Yuck. So I recommend cooking it all the way, 35-40 seconds.

Anyway, random I know, but this truly is a handy little kitchen gadget. I know it's funny, but I love this little thing!

Happy microwaving 🙂