On the survey that many of you (so graciously) filled out recently, one of the things you wanted to see more of was…MY FAVORITE THINGS! I posted a few of my favorite products a while back and haven't done any in a while. I have LOTS of favorite products, so I am more than happy to share them with you!

In preparation for TLC coming to my house, I did the thing that I'm worst at in the whole wide world…accessorizing my house.

With 3 little kids running around, I don't like lots of trinket-y things that are out and can be bumped, grabbed, slobbered on, and broken. THUS…I've started to gravitate toward beautiful, practical, durable, and functional products. One of my new favorites?

The Lantern Candle Warmer
(Use promo code JP313 for 30% off, or
Use promo code JP3FS for free shipping!)
Can you spot it in my favorite room of the house?

I was first introduced to the candle warmer when I went to QVC for them last year. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I became obsessed…and have been obsessed ever since.

The thing I love about them is that it gives you the benefits of a candle (the fragrance, ambiance, glow…) but WITHOUT a flame (yay for one less thing for my kids to hurt themselves with!). There's a halogen bulb in the top of their lanterns that melts the candles from the top down, so you get the scent immediately, and since you're not BURNING the wax away, your favorite candle lasts 3-4x longer! (If the smell fades, melt it down 1inch, dump off the melted wax, then voila – the wax that is now on top smells like the candle is brand new again.)

They have all sorts of styles:

Scroll lantern:


So those are my favorites, but they also have some smaller products, many of which were my friend/family gifts for people for Christmas this year:

These are great because you can put scented wax melts in the dish and the halogen bulb melts the wax, and it makes your house smell SO GOOD. The wax is inexpensive so you can switch flavors quickly and easily, vs buying the larger candles (which are more of an investment)

Those wax melts can also be used for these cute little wall plugins, which I bought for acquaintances, teachers, and neighbors for Christmas and birthdays, and even shower gifts:

Anyway, they are not only cute accessories for my home, but they are functional!

The best part?
I got in touch with my pals over at Candle Warmers, Etc. and they are offering FCF readers exclusive discounts! 
Once again…

(Use promo code JP313 for 30% off, or
Use promo code JP3FS for free shipping!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!