How a pop-up organization hamper can make your life WAY easier. From

Freebs, guess where I am RIGHT NOW? No, I'm not in the bathroom…


I know, right? You hate me a little. It's ok, I would hate me too.

One of my best friends moved to Dublin for the year for her husband's job. I started saving up last Spring when they decided to move (because why WOULDN'T we take advantage of free lodging in Ireland??) and now the time has come to visit! We're mostly in Ireland, then London and Paris for a few days. Don't worry, I'll tell you all about it when I get back including how much it cost and how we afforded it. #OvershareProblems. Be sure to follow our adventures on Instagram in the meantime!

I most likely won't have internet access, so for the next 2 weeks you'll be getting some pre-scheduled “quick tip”-type posts. First up? Another oh-so-flattering cell phone video tip. I found this AMAZING organization life saver at Costco the other week. With my spring cleaning itch in full-force, I've been organizing my life like crazy. This little guy has not disappointed! (And no, this is not sponsored in any way!) I had to tell you about why I love it and all the ways it can make your life easier. Watch the video below then keep reading for how I get my money's worth out of this thing:

Here's how I worked it into my budget even though it was an impulse buy:

If you remember from my simplest budgeting technique, this purchase would be considered an “other budget” buy. So the secret is…I actually already had money for it in my budget that week! That's the beauty of my budgeting system; it allows you the freedom for impulse-buys like this. Impulse-buy away! Just make sure it still comes out of your budget – whether it's grocery or other – and accept that if you spend money on an impulse buy like this, it takes away money for grocery or other “other” needs. Because of this flexibility I was able to go back the next 2 weeks and buy two more, actually (#OrganizationHoarder).

Here are the ways I use this to make my life easier:

  • At night I put one out on my kitchen table. As I get ready for bed and get ready for the day the next morning, I toss stuff into it that I need to do that day: bills to pay, thank you notes to write, library books to return, a package to mail, a bag of items to run by the donation center, etc. Then as I go throughout my day I take the basket with me in the car, then bring it inside again when I'm home. I'm constantly crossing little things off my to-do list because I always have it with me. It allows me to take advantage of micro-moments (waiting in the preschool pick up line, waiting in line at the dry cleaner drive through, etc.). Not to mention it's a good reminder of what I need to accomplish! Look in the basket and see what you have left to do that day. I'm very visual, so this is helpful.
  • I always have one in the car between my kids' car seats in the far back. I have it full of books so they are always entertained in the car.
  • Having it between their seats also allows me to toss stuff into it while driving, since I can't reach them (and since they can't catch well because they're so young). “Mom! Can I have my sunglasses?” toss into the basket. “Mom! Can I have a drink of that water bottle?” toss into the basket. They fish it out, I don't have to pull over to hand anything to them, BAM. Just made your life easier.
  • As mentioned in the video, it's a complete life saver on road trips. We had one full of entertainment for the kids and were able to take it with us everywhere – from the car to the condo…from the condo to the car…from the car to the restaurant…from the restaurant to our friend's house…back to the car…
  • I use it when cleaning up. I keep one folded in my laundry room (next to my kitchen). When I do my 10 minute blitz clean, I toss stuff into it that doesn't belong, then take it from room to room putting the stuff away. Also works great when cleaning out my car – pile stuff into it that doesn't belong, take it all inside in one fail swoop.
  • I leave one folded in my car to help me carry stuff. When I go shopping I can pile my bags in and take one trip from the car into the house (instead of 1,000). I'm too scared to put heavy groceries in it though, not sure how strong it is. Works for the lighter stuff, though!

So there you go! Those are a few ways a simple impulse buy…er…um…I mean full functional organizational tool can make your life easier. Here's one on Amazon if you feel like trying it out.

Do you have one? How do you use yours?

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!