This month I've been keeping my eyes peeled for helpful fitness tools to help me with the FCF 10-Pound Challenge. My cute new SIL told me about the BEST app ever. It's called My Fitness Pal. It's a website, but I used the app pretty much exclusively.

Here's why I love it:

  • It's free. Need I say more?
  • It counts calories. Just like with budgeting, you need to constantly be aware of numbers. This app makes it SO EASY because it even has a barcode scanner so you can simply scan whatever it is that you're eating, and it will automatically pull up the calories! Genius. If there's no bar code, you can search through their crazy-huge database or even create your own food and log it that way. I've never counted calories before, and by doing so this time I really became aware of what I was eating. “This is 250 calories? That would take an entire workout to burn off…”
  • It logs your exercise. It helps you to know how many calories you've burned doing certain workouts. It wasn't until I starting doing this that I really got motivated with exercise. Seeing the numbers really made a difference in my mind! (“If I work out this much harder, I can burn this many more calories…”).
  • It has you set goals and it monitors your progress.
  • It connects with your support system. You can request to add friends from your contacts/social network, and you can see each other's progress! This was helpful. When I saw that Katie had worked out, lost weight, or achieved a certain goal, it kept me motivated to do the same. There is ALWAYS strength in numbers!
  • It's easy to use. This is a big one for me. If it takes too long or is too complicated, no gracias. I was impressed with the ease of this.
So there you go, give it a try and see if it helps you achieve YOUR fitness goals!