Exclusive tour of my closet!

Last post of the day, I promise! Wanted to pop in quickly and fill you in on some videos and tutorials you might've missed out on.

Have you been following my #AskMeMonday series on Periscope? No? Have no fear, for those who have missed it (or for those who prefer not to use Periscope), I uploaded the videos to YouTube so you can watch them any time, any where!

Last night I did a closet tour showing how I organize my clothes, what I wear, where I shop, what I pay for my clothes and more. And recently I did my makeup while on Periscope so I could answer your questions and show you how I get ready each morning. Here are the videos you might have missed! 

Quick and simple makeup tutorial From FunCheapOrFree.com via Periscope! (Saved to YouTube)

See my makeup video online or click and watch below:

Watch my closet tour online or click and watch below:

“See” you next Monday on Periscope!