Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

I'm BAAAACK! Did you miss me? I sure missed you. Europe was AMAZING. Don't worry, I took extensive notes throughout the whole trip to give you an entire post series on traveling Europe A) on a budget and B) with a baby, so get excited for that.

Today I'm going to share with you how I will print all our incredible Europe photos into photo books that are only $6 each, without having to do anything manually! Trust me, you need to read this. But first – a little background (of course).

The other day on Instagam a follower left a comment asking what I do with all my photos – do I make photo books? Journal? Print them out and make photo albums? Just keep them on my computer? She expressed feeling guilty about not doing anything with her pictures because she hasn't found a good system. Hearing that comment made me realize I've never shared my photo book secret with you all! (And no, this post isn't sponsored.)

I have a personal Instagram account that does all the work for me! True story.

I use a company called Chatbooks. It's simple – you download their free app on your phone, and it connects to your instagram account. It's $6 (**UPDATE! Pricing is now $8, which is still a steal!) for a 60 page 6×6 color photo book (with free shipping) that automatically prints and ships to you as soon as you have enough photos. It notifies you when your book is full and gives you 3 days to edit the book (change the cover photo, remove photos you don't want in the book, etc). Then it ships it to you and you get it within 3-5 business days. It's all automatic.

That's. It.

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

(Psst: I contacted them about a discount, so use the code funch145 to get your first Instagram series book free!)

Don't have IG? Or don't want the world to see your personal pictures? No biggie, just open a second IG account! I started hesitating when posting family pictures to my regular IG account because I didn't want people to get sick of pics of my kids. So I opened my separate personal instagram account that's now used for Chatbooks (and grandparents). I dump pictures to my heart's content, and don't worry about overgramming anyone. The pictures are automatically dated in the books, and it prints the photo captions so I don't have to worry about remembering where and when the pictures in the book were taken.

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

Another handy tip?

Have a Chatbook series for your kids' schoolwork!

Instead of saving stacks of your kids' schoolwork, snap a photo of the picture or project with your phone, and have a separate IG account for their schoolwork so it gets printed into Chatbooks as well! Clean, easy, organized, and a fun way to document your kids' progression in school throughout the years.

Nope – again, this post is not sponsored (not that it should matter, but I know people get curious). I just really love this company because now I have an entire shelf full of photo books that took me ZERO effort to complete.

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

(since I'm sure you're curious, this print is from Fancy Pants Designs. It was a freebie from a conference I went to. Isn't it cute? I plan to put it in a white frame one of these years…)


Again, use the code FUNCH145 to get your first Instagram series book free!

My kids absolutely love looking through them. If they are bored or I just need to get something done, I'll pull down the stack and they will be entertained for no shorter than 30 mins to 1 hour (which is AMAZING in toddler time). It will be fun when they can read and can read about themselves throughout the years.

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book, + free shipping! From

In going to their website for this post, I discovered they have other book options as well:

Only $6 for a 60 page 6x6 photo book!

I met the creators (an ADORABLE husband/wife team from Utah) through a business thing my husband brought me to. I've been obsessed ever since. It's genius, plus I love supporting local businesses. Definitely a win-win!

So there you go! There's my journaling secret.

What are your fool-proof journaling methods? Leave a comment and share!