Month-Long Organization Challenge – April: Focus on Organization Month

April "Focus on Organization" month-long challengeIt's April, so we know what that means…it's Focus on Organization month as part of our Focused in '14 monthly challenges! With Spring in the air, I'm sure we're all getting the SPRING CLEANING itch. (I know I am). To help us all get focused and organized this year, April will be dedicated to helping you master organizing your entire life, one step at a time!

This month will operate a little differently than past months. Instead of having weekly challenges, we are doing a month-long organization challenge with daily tasks to help you master that beast we call organization! Check out the organization calendar printable to see how it will work:

April month-long organization challenge

  • Print and follow along! Get this printable calendar HERE. Put it on your mirror, in the kitchen, in your car, and wherever else you need to remind you to follow along! I set an alarm in my phone each day to remind me what I need to be doing.
  • Each day find time to organize whatever is on the calendar for that day. Some tasks might take all day, some might only take 5 minutes. However long it takes, don't stop until the job is done. It will be a lot of hard work, but think about it…if you can power down and stay focused for just 30 short days, your entire house will be organize and you will get a fresh start on the rest of your year! Doesn't that sound lovely?? 
  • I know it's already April 3rd, and I'm posting this late…but I just couldn't push back the “How to Cruise With Kids” series any longer! Sorry! So just extend your calendar by 3 days and move the first few tasks to the end of the month, or get all sorts of wild and do the first 3 tasks all today so you're caught up. I made the first 3 simple for that exact reason.
  • Play along!! Celebrate your organization milestones! Share pictures on Instagram or twitter using the hashtag #FocusOnOrganization, or post them on Facebook. Just be sure to tag me @funcheaporfree so I can see it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing readers' posts and photos. My computer screen is hard and cold, so it's fun to see that there's actually life on the other side of this screen 😉

I am SO EXCITED about this month, and I hope you are too!





  1. AvatarMelanie G. says

    Without even remembering it was Organization month I started a few of these already in preparation for house guests. Whew, now I won’t have to work to catch up. Good thing as some of those will certainly take a full day. *Junk Drawers*

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha thanks for taking one for the team and joining Instagram, it will be fun to “see” you on there!! 😉

  2. Avatarbarb says

    Jordan, I am just a big fan of yours and I think you are great. my husband and I only had 2 girls to raise, but the biggest thing we ever did was go camping a few times and it was fun but required lots of planning and I did not look wonderful like you.

    • AvatarFunCheapOrFree says

      Haha I think camping is tough! It takes so much planning, but is so fun. I’ve only done it once or twice with my kids, I think you get a purple heart of bravery for doing it! 🙂 I hope to do it more though! Any tips?

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