I'm baaaaaaaaaaack!
Miss me? 
Well I sure missed you!

Sorry for the week-long absence, but I was thoroughly enjoying my vacation, didn't have internet access most of the time, and simply needed a break from ALL work in my life for a short time.

I went back to Oregon to visit my family, and fulfill our yearly tradition of going to the Oregon coast every Labor Day weekend. The weather didn't disappoint; it might've been the first time I remember sweating on a beach in Oregon! Here are a few highlights of my trip:

Before leaving I did a few fun/cheap/free things:

It's been SO HOT here in Salt Lake that we haven't gone outside much (since my newborn would literally melt into her car seat). Thus, my 18 month old was restless and packing wasn't happening (I try to start packing about 4-5 days before the trip or else I forget things, and overpack!). 

  • To occupy him and get a break from the heat I got this baby on clearance from Wal Mart:

Now is the perfect time to buy summer items on clearance! Ask an associate where their clearance section is if you don't know. 
This “Oasis” (as we fondly call it) was an absolute lifesaver during packing week!
  • To get a little break from the hectic life of trying to plan a vacation with a newborn and toddler, I planned a super fun, super easy “ladies luncheon”. 

We had an amazing turnout: 

15 ladies and 19 kids! Yikes!
It was so fun, and so easy.
I simply:
    • created an event on Facebook (I have a neighborhood mom group that I created for friends that live near me), 
    • chose a place and time, 
    • called ahead and made reservations at the restaurant, 
    • and showed up! 

It was a blast, didn't cost me anything (minus the price of my lunch), and was a fun event that brought people together and got us out of the house (and the heat!).

  • I also made dinner for a friend who is sick and made extra for my family. I stuck it in the freezer and got 3 freezer meals out of doubling the recipe! Woo hoo!

It's this amazing Baked Ziti recipe that I will share with you on Foodie Tuesday
  • To cut down on weight, I ordered diapers from Costco ahead of time and had them shipped to my mom's house so I didn't have to pack them. Kirkland diapers are $5 off this month (until the 18th) and Costco.com always has free shipping!

  • I went through my fridge and stuck everything I could in the freezer. Milk, cheese, produce, fruit, leftovers that were worth saving, everything!
After all the prepping, I was able to enjoy my trip. Here are some highlights from my week:
My original excuse for going home was that my high school friend got married. It was a reunion for me and my besties!
I decided to stay a week+ longer and enjoy Oregon. While there…
My baby girl turned 1 month old. Growing up so fast!

My son learned how to pick vegetables with Grandma

…and baby girl enjoyed lots of cuddly naps.

Grandpa taught my son how to golf…(future Tiger Woods!)

and we NEVER got tired of the gorgeous views on the beach!

We all enjoyed the sunshine of the Oregon coast…

Even Priya! (Remember THIS Kidco Peapod, one of my favorite things?? I love it now more than ever.)

We enjoyed a train ride along the coast, 

…and played lots of football.
Lots, and lots, and lots of football.

Our last stop before heading home was to visit Multnomah Falls, one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the place where my husband proposed to me!
It was a great trip, and was hard to leave. However, it's always good to be home. Now time to pack up the house (we are moving at the end of this month! AHH!) and try to get back on some form of schedule. 
Wish me luck!