Frugal fashion for summer

Welcome back to What to Wear….Thursday? oops. I tried really hard to get this post out yesterday but honestly, family comes first and it was too sunny inside to neglect my kids and make them play by themselves just so I could get a post out on a certain day. I'm sure you'll enjoy this just as much on a Thursday as you would've on a Wednesday, right? πŸ˜‰

When I surveyed you guys a little while back, the #2 most common answer for what type of content you wanted more of (second to hard-core budgeting content) was FRUGAL FASHION! Many people begged for What to Wear Wednesdays to come back. It's funny because those were some of my LOWEST trafficked posts, which is why I stopped doing doing them; I thought no one liked them! haha! Just one more reason why I hate blog statistics, it really doesn't accurately reflect people's favorite content sometimes.

Anyway, thanks for telling me in the survey, so glad to know! I'll do my best to remember to post more frugal fashion. I'm no fashionista and I absolutely HATE having my picture taken, but I do LOVE clothes (remember my super outdated closet tour?) and LOVE a good deal. So I'll start posting them again. But fashion posts for me are tricky because the stuff I get is often free, yard sale stuff, or super-clearance items; stuff that is next to impossible for someone else to find or duplicate. But hey, if this is what you want, this is what you'll get! Just be sure to tell me in the comments what you want to see if this isn't it so I don't have to rely on dumb ol' stats to tell me!


Anyway,Β Here's today's Frugal Fashion breakdown! Today's outfit is light, summery, timeless, and was cheap and even free. Here's where I got all these pieces…

Frugal summer fashion

Sweater: Clearance at Ann Taylor Loft at the Tanger Outlets in Park City, UT, my favorite outlets of all time! Remember my tips for shopping sales, they will save your life at the outlets.

Belt: Forever 21. They have the CUTEST belts for CHEAP! Honestly, there is no reason to pay a lot for belts. I have had mine for yeeeaaarrrsss. I don't use them to hold up my pants, they are just for decoration. So go cheap and stretch that dollar, ladies!

Dress: It's a Potter's Pot dress from Zulily. I got it for free because I had some “Refer a friend” credit (you get $15 every time you refer someone, and they make their first purchase!) and took a chance on it (no exchanges or returns from Zulilly which is a bummer). It's SO cute, light, airy, and summery. And since the waistline is high it still works with my prego belly. I got it for free but it was just over $20 I believe.

Shoes: Some of my favorite shoes ever, got for $7 from Charlotte Russe back in the day. They are SO comfortable because it has a slight platform under the toes. Yes, it makes the heels even taller, but for whatever reason heels that have a platform (rather than shoes like stilettos or pumps where your toes are basically touching the ground) are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. Any podiatrists out there able to explain that one for me? Is it purely a padding thing? Anyway, they are fab, I wear them all the time (like this outfit HERE).

Necklace: C/O my good friends at Chloe + Isabel by Vanessa. Isn't it amazing?? It's an investment piece so it was beyond generous of them to give it to me, and I'm in love. I feel like it looks good with everything! So if you're one that chooses to buy investment pieces, make sure it's versatile, sturdy, and timeless (not too trendy).

Chloe + Isabel necklace


And, in true Jordan fashion, it's impossible for me to take more than 1 or 2 normal pictures and got distracted by the wind…

Frugal Fashion breakdown


…and trying to look fierce. #FeirceFail


Frugal Fashion

Happy Wednesday Thursday!!


The $7 Charlotte Russe shoes worn in THIS fashion post as well.