I haven't done many Frugal Find Friday posts with the holidays and all, so I thought I'd get back in the swing of things and highlight a few EXCLUSIVE discounts and deals for you Freebs today! We have my favorite mineral makeup, some inexpensive fashion items I'm crushing on, and FireAvert from Shark Tank!

First up, my favorite foundation:

10% off NS Minerals makeup with the code FUNCHEAP!

If you have seen my makeup tutorial videos on YouTube, you know I'm a fan of mineral makeup, vs traditional foundation. It sits lighter on my face and makes me feel like I'm not wearing any makeup, even though I'm wearing a face full of it. I've tried several kinds, and NS Minerals is my favorite. I discovered them at a booth at Pinners Conference like, 3 years ago, and have been using them ever since!

One of my favorite things is that you can buy a sample size for $0.75 – $3 to test it out on your skin before committing to the full-size. BOOYA!

Even better news to you all, our promo code is BACK!

Use the code FUNCHEAP to get 10% off your entire order at NSMinerals.com!

Next deal today are some fashion faves I've been eyeing over on Zulily. I haven't talked about them in a while. It's a daily deal site that sells items at a discount. Since I'm preggers and all, I've been on the serious hunt for all things stretchy, comfy, and fashionable. Here are some goodies that caught my eye today…

…and most of them are under $13…including the booties!!

CUTE finds, all discounted right now - most under $13!

The tall rain boots are $27.99 and the purse is $21.99, otherwise the rest falls between $8 – $14 for the most part! One thing I like is they DON'T charge you individual shipping on each item, like most daily deal sites do. It's just a flat fee based on how much you order, and if you buy one thing, you get free shipping until midnight that day. So sometimes I'll buy one item, then go back and buy all the rest in a separate order because then the shipping is way cheaper! And remember, if you share your unique link with your friends you get $15 Zulily dollars when they make their first purchase! With how good the prices are on many of their things, $15 can take you pretty far.

And the last deal of the day, FireAvert!


I was recently became friends with FireAvert, a local UT company with a great home safety product. Then wouldn't you know…next thing I knew they were on SHARK TANK and scored a deal! Great job guys! They are offering Freebs an exclusive discount code, which is even less than the special Shark Tank discount they are offering!

FireAvert as seen on Shark Tank from FunCheapOrFree.com

FireAvert is the most effective way to protect your home from stove fires. Installs in less then 10 minutes and requires no tools or professional skill.  FireAvert will automatically cut power to your stove when your smoke alarm sounds from food left unattended.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing your stove can turn it’s self off!  It’s reusable and doesn’t expire!  No more burnt pans!  Check out their Shark Tank Episode and see what the buzz is all about!

FireAvert is offering Freebs an even better discount than the Shark Tank discount.

Use the code Take20 and get the FireAvert for only $120…that's even less than the SHARK TANK Discount they are offering!!

There you go! I hope you enjoy these deals, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. I do a “post” within the newsletter every Friday that does NOT appear on this blog, so don't miss out! You can subscribe by putting your email in the little box on the top of this site.

Love you all!