Merry Christmas from the Pages!

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I had 4 or 5 posts that I've been dying to get out to you these last few weeks…but as life would have it, there just aren't enough hours in the day. It KILLS ME to fall behind on blogging. If I could, I would write every day! But I can't. So I'm learning to accept and embrace the fact that my relationship with God and family comes first and foremost, and blog has to come second (or third, or fourth…).

Sorry about that, folks! But know that I love you!!

That being said – I just had to pop in quickly amidst the holiday festivities to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope we all find time to unplug these next two weeks and enjoy time with friends and family.

Here is our Christmas card and letter, since you are all my BFF's but I just don't have enough stamps to get them all to you physically 😉 Enjoy reading about our crazy lives (click on either pic to see it bigger). I would love to know about yours! Have a digital card? Post it on my Facebook wall, I'd love to get to know you better!

Happy Holidays, Love you all! XOXO

Christmas card 2014

Got these cards printed at Costco, they were only $14.99 for 50, including envelopes. 

Here's our Christmas letter:

Christmas letter 2014




  1. Aimee @ like mother like daughter

    I love reading Christmas cards, so thanks for sharing yours with us. I tried checking out your new site and didn’t go to anything but a go daddy site talking about domains

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Hmm..that’s weird! It worked for me. Maybe try adding a “www” at the beginning, and make sure the spelling is right:

  2. Alexis

    I love your card!! Did you use an nonlinear template or something to put it together?

    • FunCheapOrFree

      Thanks! Nope, we just used one of the templates Costco offers online. Super easy!


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