Melt down clearance Valentine’s chocolate and make it into Easter candy!

 Welcome back to “You're Welcome” Wednesday, where I share a creative tip with you that's bound to make you say…THANKS!
Ok, let's just get it out there…
My name is Jordan Page and I'm a sugar-aholic.
I have a crazy sweet tooth, so I'm always looking for good deals on candy. One of my favorite tips is to go in after a holiday and nab all the candy for super cheap! (Like I did HERE)
I ran into Walgreens last night on my way home to grab a gallon of milk…and came out with this:
We have a theater room in our basement and I have a snack cart that I like to keep stocked with treats. It was running low, so I stocked up.
(…or, that's my excuse anyway, wink wink)
Their candy was an additional 75% off of the lowest price. I thought they would have surely been wiped out by now…but oh no my friends! They still had tons of delicious loot.
 Ready for the breakdown?
These Russel Stover truffels were $0.14 ea. They are huge truffles.

These bags of fudge and chocolate crispy hearts were $0.24 ea.

These huge bags of kisses were $1.49 ea (regularly $5).

These bags of dove chocolates were $1.24ea, regularly $4.50ish I think?

This bag of Godiva truffles was only $0.75! It's a pretty big bag, too.
The Whitmans sampler (cute, right?!) was $0.42.

These boxes of milk chocolate hearts (I taste-tested these already, they are gooood!) were only $0.24ea.
Now, what in the world will I do with all this chocolate, you might ask?
Here's a fun tip:

Take your clearance holiday chocolate, melt it down, and put it into a new mold and use it for the next holiday!
Make cute bunnies or eggs for Easter, or pretty flowers for spring. Give them away as treats, or put them in your kid's Easter baskets. It's a great way to use up chocolate that you otherwise wouldn't give away because of the shape and/or color.

You can microwave it (for only 15 seconds at a time or so…don't want to burn it!), or use a double boiler like so (careful, this can burn your chocolate too if you aren't careful).
Spoon or squeeze it into a cute candy mold,
 (use a coupon and get one for a good deal at a craft store like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joann Fabrics. Remember, Joann's accepts competitor coupons!)

And voila! Adorable candies for your next holiday or gathering!
Pretty neat, eh? 
The possibilities are endless. 
You could also make some adorable pretzel rods (see HERE) to give away. 
Oh…and, you're welcome 🙂


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